5 Must See Bands at Knight & Day Festival

5. Future Static 

Kicking off Day 2 of Knight & Day, I can 100% confirm that Future Static are a band worth waking up for. With their new song Waves gaining some serious momentum, Future Static are primed and ready for a massive 2022. So get your fucking ass out of bed, shake off those Pina Coladas from the night before, and rally on down for a monster set to start the day. 

4. Justice for the Damned 

I think I’m correct in saying that this will be the first time Justice for the Damned have performed in Victoria since Pain is Power dropped last year. Regardless if that’s true, hell have mercy on those poor souls in the pit, cos shits gonna be more lit than the Battle of Helms Deep. I will use this opportunity to say, it’s ok to get litty in the pitty, but be aware of your surroundings and take care of each other.

3. The Chats 

Any Chats slander will he met with violence, end of. The Chats are the absolute perfect early evening set to get punters in the mood for a cheeky pub feed. If you are going to chant ‘shoey‘ at any band across this festival, The Chats are probably the most likely to oblige. A genuine sleeper for set of the festival, keen as fuck. 

2. Trophy Eyes 

I must commend the organisers for the 3 punch combo closing out the first annual Knight & Day. Trophy Eyes are 100% the correct call to play before the headliners deep into the evening. Sing alongs and catchy bops aplenty, Trophy Eyes are a powerhouse band ready to take the next step in 2022. We can only hope that the band bless us with a new song or two, god I want that so badly. 

1. Parkway Drive 

Because of course it is. Parkway Drive are not playing an Australian show in 2022, this is it for a while kids. Not only that, but Winston and Co are promising a punishing set to take us all into the New Year. If they play Deliver Me, I will pass out from excitement, if they play Deliver Me as the clock strikes midnight, I will happily die wear I stand. Parkway Drive forever, be there or be square. 

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