5 Potential Headliners for UNIFY Gathering 2021

What a wild time these last couple of weeks have been. I have a new dog (Milo), I can’t go to the gym (lol), and UNIFY has nobody to headline there All Aussie Adventures festival.

So here’s what we know. Winston McCall laughed off claims that Parkway Drive were playing UNIFY 2021 (fuck you tone deaf). Josh from Northlane has said that the band were not made an offer to play the festival. Finally Joel Birch has stated The Amity Affliction are not playing the festival next year, so there’s some good news at least. 

Now obviously any of these 3 bands could be telling porkies. But for this articles sake let’s take them all seriously. With the 3 biggest heavy acts in the country out, who can headline UNIFY 2021? We have 5 potential headliners.

Violent Soho

For me this is an absolute no brainer. Violent Soho produced a fantastic set at UNIFY 2017 and are the biggest band not to be ruled out at this stage. New album just dropped and depending on when gigs are allowed it could be the first opportunity fans have to see the band perform it live. Besides, love em or hate em, when Covered in Chrome is played, you will be screaming “HELL FUCK YEAH” like the rest of us.

Prediction: Saturday Headliner.


On the surface this should be an easy choice. Polaris have been selling out tours for years now and after being second billed at the 2020 event things seem to be falling into place. But, I’m not as confident as some. Performing at back to back events isn’t the issue. Making the jump to a headliner in back to back years is. The Death of Me tour also sold out all across Australia which makes me wonder. Do Polaris need UNIFY

Prediction: My heart says they headline. My head says they don’t play.

In Hearts Wake

Billed third at the inaugural event. Second in 2016 & third in 2019. But are In Hearts Wake worthy of a headlining slot? Remember there are two nights meaning two headliners, so maybe that’s the loophole they need. New album dropping soon the timing might be perfect for the band to take that next step. If UNIFY were to book international acts I would say no chance in hell. But an All Aussie Adventures lineup makes this a very possible scenario.

Prediction: Smart money says they bill second

Thy Art is Murder

Did Thy Art Is Murder piss someone off at UNIFY HQ? After playing in 2017 the band have not been invited back to play the festival for some reason. Maybe the whole burning of the bible put them in hot water. Anyway the band pull monster crowds at any and every festival so why not? A re scheduled tour in December may be a deal breaker but it wouldn’t be the first time a band has toured right before the festival. Also Thy Art have the most views on any UNIFY live YouTube video by a over 400k. Wild. 

Prediction: Plays second to contrast a softer headliner

Trophy Eyes

Trophy Eyes are a band who carry themselves as a headliner regardless of their billing. Musically they write massive stadium rock anthems which would make them a great pick for the top spot at UNIFY. At this year’s event Figure Eight played over the speakers for the first time so they get along with the festival organisers. Plus smart money would say they have a new album ready to go. The more I say it the more I think this would work a treat. 

Prediction: Friday Headliner with Thy Art is Murder playing beforehand.

So there you have it. Other potential headliners include KarnivoolHellionsTonight AliveHands Like Houses and The Smith Street Band. Regardless of who headlines the festival I encourage you to look through the entire lineup before passing judgement. With so many fantastic acts at the festivals disposal I guarantee UNIFY All Aussie Adventures will be worth it. Listen below for an extensive conversation on the topic.

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