5 Left Field Acts that you could see at Good Things 2020

I fucking love predicting lineups for festivals. If someone is to one day hack my phone, the only thing they will find are pictures of my dog and mock festival lineups from past years. It’s to the point where I rebook festivals from yester year if they either failed or they just didn’t float my boat. Something else that I love is Good Things Festival. Only two years into its existence and I already feel confident that it will deliver a diverse and exciting lineup for years to come. What that does for neighbouring festival UNIFY…well that’s for a different day to discuss. 

I understand that I’m very early for this article but if any of these picks are to end up being correct then I look like a fucking god, if they’re all wrong then it doesn’t matter because they’re left of field acts. So it’s a win win. Nobodies getting a prize for predicting an act like Polaris or Ocean Grove. Wow congrats James you correctly guessed two acts that fit the genre bill and have new albums out earlier in the year whoopie fucking do. Anyway here are 5 left of field acts that you could see on Good Things 2020, and why they fit.


Sonny Moore shaped my youth so much that I legitimately called him ‘Daddy Moore’ at one point during high school (I understand how poorly that term has aged over the years). The man brought dubstep to the mainstream and for a lot of heavy music fans, it was a style of electronic music that they could enjoy. Whether that be because of the chaotic sounds, screaming vocal samples or just the look of the man behind the decks, Skrillex took over the world for about 18 months flat.

So that begs the question of whether he could bring his own taste of chaos down under for Good Things. Dubstep drops are essentially breakdowns when you think about and there’s also the dream of having Sonny do a surprise ‘From First to Last’ set that I guarantee would get a great reception. The more I speak of it the more sense it all makes. Daddy Moore for Good Things 2020.

Machine Gun Kelly

Ahhhhhh MGK…if you listen to the Backbone Sunday Sessions you will not be surprised to see this name pop up, so let us look at the facts. He has performed at Rock am RingDownload Festival in the UK pulling big crowds in the process. Performs with a full band, plays Tommy Lee in the ‘Motley Crue’ biopic ‘The Dirt’, hell go watch his Nardwuar interview he’s a big Anti-Flag fan. Alllllll of this coupled with the fact that MGK has a pop punk album coming out potentially this year so why not. The Rap Devil himself should be welcomed with open arms after burying ‘Eminem’ couple years back. Let’s talk about it.

Run the Jewels


Ok this one comes with a little bit of a caveat. Run the Jewels are a hip hop group consisting of Killer MikeEl-P who have released three exceptional albums with a fourth on its way very shortly. They have the energy and attitude that will whip a crowd into a frenzy with songs like ‘Close Your Eyes (and Count to Fuck)’ and ‘Blockbuster Night Pt 1’.

The caveat that comes with Run the Jewels gracing the stage at Good Things 2020 is that Rage Against the Machine headline the whole damn thing. Rage Against the Machine have announced their ‘World Tour’ taking RTJ along for the ride all the way across the world. Now unless you are a flat earther you will believe that Australia is a part of the world and yet no dates as of yet, wishful thinking yes but not completely out of the realm of possibility….is it?

The Presets 

I’ve made it known in the past that Good Things signing on The Veronicas to perform at the 2019 event is one of the biggest masterstrokes I’ve ever come across. A big home run that was ramped up even further when an online campaign went viral for a wall of death to happen during the hit song ‘Untouched’. The wall of death happened and it was so very glorious.

The question remains whether or not Good Things will try to recreate this moment and there’s definitely pros and cons for both sides of the argument. If they are to do so The Presets fit the bill perfectly. Songs like ‘My People’ and ‘Talk Like That’ are fresh as fuck even in 2020 and the peak of the act happened during a similar time period that of The Veronicas. Being an Australian act also increases the possibility naturally being a cheaper act to book and making it a low risk high reward scenario. Also this performance at Sound Relief is truly iconic.


One of my favourite acts of all time is The Prodigy. I was lucky enough to attend one of the last shows they played before the tragic passing of Keith Flint (RIP). One of the most unique qualities The Prodigy had was their ability to play any festival around the world regardless of genre, Pendulum contain that same quality. They have played European metal festivals in the past and there brand of drum & bass will feel right at home on a Good Things lineup. Hopefully with a full band setup and not a DJ set.

Other acts I could legitimately see appearing on this years lineup include Ghostemane who has been playing metal festivals all over the world. Cypress Hill who played at Soundwave 2013 and is one of those timeless acts that everyone enjoy. Finally Die Antwoord who have a huge Australian following but legal issues may hold them back. Maybe I just need Big Day Out to return.

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