Weekly Breakdown Volume 6

I’ve been listening to Mac Miller’s posthumous album Circles a lot this week. My general rule of thumb is that posthumous albums are usually a cheap cash grab that water down an artists legacy. But this is excellent. A fully realised project that is at times a difficult listen due to his tragic passing. With that said back to the heavy shit let’s have a geez at what’s been released this week.

Track Of The Week

DVSR ‘Bloodlust’ 

Ladies and gentlemen 2020 belongs to DVSR. Back in the day DVSR (Devastator at the time) were touted as a future heavyweight of heavy music. Maybe they weren’t ready for that kind of spotlight. Things have changed. Bloodlust featuring CJ McMahon hits so fucking hard it’s somehow bested The Ghost Insides return track for song of the week. Wild. Sydney boys and making some serious noise and 2020 is there’s for the taking. Straight up banger from start to finish with an excellent feature capping it all off.

The Ghost Inside ‘Aftermath’ 

Powerful. Emotional. A true testament to the bands persistence that this could even happen. The Ghost Inside are true icons of the hardcore scene and deserve all the praise in the world. However the song itself isn’t perfect. Aftermath sounds like the bands signature sound for the most part until the back end of the song begins. An unnecessary section of clean vocals that feel shoehorned into the song hold the track back. I get the idea of ending  the album with an ‘epic’ section but the vocals don’t sound any good. That being said, The Ghost Inside are back and new album is out June 5. Epic.

End ‘Covet Not’

Believe it or not this is the first taste of END that I have ever experienced. Initial thought? Heavy as fuck. If you love to pump your chest to a band like Justice for the Damned then this will be right down your consensual alley. Faster than Usian Bolt running downhill with a 40km wild behind him this track is so raw Gordan Ramsey would have a heart attack. I mean this all in a good way as END ferociously craft a mosh track that needs to seen in Australia once everything gets back to normal. Pretty please. 

In Hearts Wake ‘Son of a Witch’

After the surprisingly urgent combo of Crisis/Worldwide Suicide this new song feels like a step back for the band. Reverting back to the basic formula that turned many off the band Son of a Witch just doesn’t quite hit the mark. There are definite positives to take away however. Kyle sounds excellent in the chorus finally going away from those cringe highs that made the band so unlistenable. Praise also must be given to the band for throwing a lot against the wall to see what sticks. I’m curious for the new album, surprise me In Hearts Wake. Surprise me.

Subside ‘Wandering Eyes’ 

Oh my what a lovely surprise this was. Vocally akin to something Will King from Windwaker would produce this track is an low key gem. Song writing is top notch from the band with no instrument being a clear standout making it an even spread overall. The ambient guitars add a lovely bit of spice to this cut and I can’t stress how important a drummer who doesn’t overdo everything is in context to the song. Lovely work.

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