Spotlight: Born Free

Melbourne has always had a great live scene with music but I think our local heavy scene is as good as any in Australia. We have so many great venues and so many great opportunities for bands to hone their craft. 

I don’t think it’s a secret that I absolutely love hardcore music. Melbourne band Born Free are this week’s spotlight and boy am I excited. Hardcore like any genre will always have its naysayers but I challenge you to find a more loyal following then the fans who call this genre their favourite. 

2019 was a massive year for the band as they dropped their first self titled album through Resist Records. I jumped on when I heard the first single on the album Blinded. The opening riff just hooked me and all I could think of is madness in a live pit. There is nothing better than the tone of a guitar on a hardcore song and when this breakdown hits straight away all I can picture is a pit reminiscent of Blade going ape shit on some vampires… good movies. 

Songs like Stuck in the PastWasted and Burn are so damn good. We don’t get a whole lot of change up song to song but this isn’t a thing I’m looking for at any stage when I listen to this album. Messy vocals, cutting guitar, big breakdowns and sloppy sounding drums is all I want in hardcore.

Sloppy being the sound of the drums not the actual playing as the playing is high energy and absolutely spot on. If you can refrain from throwing down in the 1 minutes 30 of Death Sentence you’re a better person then I. Plot twist I don’t even throw down and this brought me out of retirement.

Playing shows with bands like Comeback KidDeez Nuts and Terror have displayed that Born Freebelong on stage. They don’t look out of place on these bills and the crowds always seem to lose their minds when any of their breakdowns hit. 

2020 has been a tough one for many but I for one can’t wait to get back to live shows. Be patient and use this time to find bands like Born Free that you may not have given a chance before. There’s plenty of hidden gems around our scene and Backbone Takeover are here to try and bring them to you. One Spotlight at a time.

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