Spotlight: Rogue Half

Adelaide has been a hot bed of talent for the last few years in the local heavy scene. Consistently I’ve been nothing but impressed with the amount of quality coming out of their city. I think it’s only a matter of time before one of these bands takes off and becomes a household name. Picking who that is can be a lot of fun because speculation is so damn exhilarating. 

Could it be Rogue Half? Who knows but since hearing 2019’s All That I Hear I can’t help but keep an eye on what the band are doing. Yes the artwork on that track may be a little too much Alpha Wolf but I can forgive them because the song rules. Since then we have heard 2 new singles in Sleepless and the recent Bite My Tongue which I’ll explore with a bit more detail here. 

The track immediately sets a dim mood when the vocals kick in yet builds to a really nice chorus and change up mixing in a few tidy screams. We also get a cheeky Bring Me The Horizon vibe with a synth part leading into the second verse. That’s something that should be explored in the future. 

I’m huge on guitar riffs at the moment and the riffs in this song play a key role balancing it between clean and heavy which can be difficult. It’s something they also balance vocally extremely well. I absolutely love the extended part second chorus. It’s my favourite moment leading into the cutting breakdown that’s extremely well produced. Shout out there to Sam Trott who plays a key role in the make up of this band juggling all the production as well as playing guitar and adding further vocals. 

Overall Rogue Half combine different scene elements in the make up of their music. Alt rock and metalcore being the two major players. Their 3 most recent songs all show different strengths and show enough potential to get excited by. Keep an eye out for new music as they’re writing material right now as I would expect ALL talented young hungry bands to be doing.

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