Spotlight: Amberyse

The precedent was set. The stage was Unify 2017 and our aim was greatness. A pack of men needed a theme. Step up Denzel Curry. Come of the man come of the moment. Ultimate was the only logical choice and quickly became the anthem of our weekend. The night I saw Amberyse for the first time they opened with that very same song. I was gobsmacked. Some call it fate, others a sheer coincidence. I call it destiny. 

The 5 boys are from the mean streets of Geelong so straight away you should be terrified. My introduction to Amberyse was with their song Heavy Hands. That night I mentioned earlier had an event on Facebook where the song was posted. What happened next had my jaw open and in complete shock. Metalcore can be very temperamental as a genre but on that track the band nailed a sound that was heavy, groovy and fresh. Please listen to it immediately. 

2019 saw the boys release Glass House which ended up in my Spotify 100 songs of the year. It introduced cleans and while still groovy wasn’t quite to the standard of Heavy Hands. That didn’t matter to me though as I still felt it was a great track. Kicking off with a typical groovy riff and crisp drum beat the song set a nice pace early. When I first heard the layered cleans I didn’t know how much I liked them at first but the hook was decent enough for me. 

The part I didn’t really like on the track was the over drawn bridge in the middle of the song. It was too long and hurt the songs early momentum, also the cleans weren’t the best in this section. However the riff work throughout this song in particular was my highlight along with the production. 

2020 has been a shit storm so far but I have had a taste of the bands upcoming EP and the diversity they’ve shown on that is going to make a lot of people happy. Amberyse are well worth your time and with future music on the horizon there’s no better time than now to give them a crack.

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