Weekly Breakdown Volume 8

After praising Resist Records last week for offering free postage to feed my vinyl addiction I’m calling someone else out. 24 Hundred for the love of fuck I need you to offer that same deal. Also why is Koi No Yokan by Deftones $50? Just a straight black vinyl, not a classic record among Deftones fans, that’s some straight bullshit. Anyway let’s chat about music.

Track of the Week

Mauvais ‘I Feel Nothing’ 

The title track to my isolation has arrived with the Adelaide outfit hitting us with some major heat on I Feel Nothing. The song should be renamed Emperors New Groove with every riff more pleasing than the last, missed opportunity honestly. Also after researching the term Devil’s Snare apparently it’s a Harry Potter reference. That’s some weak shit right there, the following movies are ok to reference. Lord of the Rings, Jumanji, SpongeBob SquarePants, She’s The Man & Crazy Stupid Love. All excellent movies.

Stand Atlantic ‘Wavelength’ 

Reading the YouTube comments for this track someone said something rather profound and I quote. “Things that don’t exist…Bigfoot…Bad Stand Atlantic Songs”. Now we could get into a long violent argument about whether or not Bigfoot exists but I simply don’t have the energy. I also assume that the line ‘I’m tripping on your wavelength’ was originally about tripping on acid but I digress. Umm what can I say that hasn’t been said about Stand Atlantic recently? Excellent band puts out more excellent music. Simple as that.

Father Deer Hands ‘Make Me Feel’

If you are in a melodic hardcore band during the current pandemic, you better be writing me music that I can cry too. Of all the genres in heavy music I feel like this should lead to a new golden age of melodic hardcore. Father Deer Hands have absolutely positively smashed it with this new track. The bio that I received about the band said they’re close friends and somehow it sounds that way. This is so damn tight with every member getting there shining moment throughout. Excellent.

The Ghost Inside ‘Pressure Point’

Remember when Brendan Fevola entered my personal hall of fame when he made fun of fellow team mate Chris Judd? What a wild time to be alive. The Ghost Inside are back with track number 2 since there miraculous return and overall this is pretty dope. Much more on the beatdown side of things the band are geared up and ready for their upcoming album to drop. 

Misery Signals ‘The Tempest’

I must admit I completely missed the whole Misery Signals wave 7 years ago. So this is fun to finally sound hip and cool for once. While this new song doesn’t have me sprinting to the nearest Sanity music to buy the bands entire discography, the song still bangs. Whenever a band returns after an extensive period away it can be tricky. Stick to your old sound and run the risk of sounding dated. Evolve with the times and risk fans falling out of love for a band they once admired. For someone like me it doesn’t matter, but I’m sure some people will mind.

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