Weekly Breakdown Volume 9

After some technical issues stopped any sort of posting we are back to bring you the roundup for the week. 

Track of the Week

Emmure ‘Uncontrollable Descent’ 

Hindsight is 2020. After 2017s Look At Yourself saw Emmure return to their brutal best Frankie and co seem poised to up there game once again. Both Pigs Ear and Gypsy Disco have been crushing examples of Emmure at their best, now we have Uncontrollable Descent. Raising the bar for the third time I cannot stress how good this band are sounding in 2020. Believe it or not the upcoming album Hindsight out June 26 will be the band’s 8th studio release. By the sounds of things, it could be there best.

Wake The Blind ‘Patient’

Oof this bad boy hits hard. Wake The Blind are back with the song Patient which doesn’t fuck around in the slightest. The band’s sound is reminiscent of something you would hear from a band like Dealer, I mean this in a good way. David De La Hoz makes his mark on the track with one of many memorable sections from this cut. Curiosity is getting the best of me and I’m very excited to see what the band can produce in the future. A must listen. 

Attila ‘Cancelled’

Is there a need for a band like Attila in 2020? Admittedly I have always had a soft spot for the LMFAO of the heavy music scene, but even I’m not sure anymore. Maybe my new found love for Emmure has pushed Attila out of sight and out of mind. Regardless Fronz is back and this is certainly Attila through and through. Breakdowns aplenty coupled together with juvenile lyrics and trendy synths, if you love Attila, you will love Cancelled. 

In Hearts Wake ‘Hellbringer’

Hmmmm not sure about this one chief. Kaliyuga is fast approaching with In Hearts Wake doing everything to rectify 2017s Ark. While I do think Hellbringer is a step up from anything released from Ark. It’s not exactly saying much. Opting for a very on trend nu-metal bounce that carries much of the track In Hellbringer lacks the substance that the previous two tracks have given us. The addition of Jamie Hails of Polaris is a welcome one however with his section being the standout moment of the track. 

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