Future Static ‘Fatalist’ (EP Review)

Post Hardcore is in a fascinating state in 2020. With bands like Knocked Loose re defining what mainstream heavy music can be it leaves those attempting a slightly softer sound vulnerable. With that said Melbourne outfit Future Static have dropped EP number 2 with a new bag of tricks to try stand out. The results are for the most part positive with some refinement needed to truly make Fatalist memorable.

Kicking off proceedings is Growth. A two minute instrumental track similar to something you would’ve heard from a band like Casey (RIP). Actually Tom Weaver would do wonders on a track like this with haunting guitar leads that building to that very common crescendo that is rather popular these days. I understand the tracks purpose in the context of the release but vocals would’ve been nice.

Now, this is the part where I’m going to sound mean. But I dare you to listen to lead single Choke and not immediately think of a certain Bring me the Horizon track. Maybe it speaks more to how iconic that intro and guitar tone is. Either way if you can look past the similarities, the track kind of rules.

This cut is hands down the most well written song on the release with the rhythm section being a clear stand out. Vocally this track is also really impressive with that goddamn chorus being more addicting than heroin (or so I’ve been told). 

Dead End is a mixed bag overall. On the plus it contains big riffs, big chorus and my personal favourite verse on the entire release. Also the way Bri Marsh utilises her screams are fantastic, a less is more approach that pays serious dividends. The way the vocals rise for the final chorus gives Future Static that epic moment with the crushing ending giving off an old school Of Mice & Men feel.

The other side of the coin sees the band perhaps try a little too much throughout the track. Vocally a few lines feel rushed amidst a clunky breakdown that see the band fall into some trendy tropes. Also coming in at 4:18 the track does run a bit long and could’ve easily shaved 30 seconds off the final cut.

Never Miss has a frenetic tempo that once again gives you a uneven result. The cleaner moments on the track feel rushed and the chorus sounds extremely familiar. That being said the heavier moments all hit hard and I’m pretty sure someone calls me a dickhead throughout the track.

So at this point of the EP you may think you know what to expect. Well you’d be wrong and you’re a coward for thinking such a thing. Adaptive Manipulator might be the most batshit song I’ve heard all year. I mean this in the context of The Fatalist as this track is 1 minute of sheer chaos.

Lord almighty the beatdown in this track is meaner than Brock Lesnar on steroids…oh wait. It does raise the question of does this track feel too out of place but honestly it’s short, fast, loud and adds that extra piece of urgency to the EP.

Closing out with the title track, a much tamer affair that feels more a showcase for Bri Marsh to flourish. Probably the most skippable track on the EP this is by no means a bad song more so the least interesting of the batch of tracks presented.

Fatalist as a whole is tough to summarise. At a glance it’s well written, well produced and adds enough diversity to make it an enjoyable listen. Some ideas work better than others but I’m just glad the band had ideas to begin with. Whether or not this EP has that replay value only time will tell but Future Static should be proud of what they have produced on Fatalist.


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