Anticline ‘Urgency’ (EP Review)

Anticline remind my of Jack Blacks character from Tropic Thunder. Misunderstood, a little typecast, and probably addicted to hard narcotics (TBC). But when it’s go time, you know that they will get the job done. I haven’t seen Tropic Thunder in a while so this reference may be inconsistent. Whether it’s on a live setting, 2018s Hesitancy EP, or 2019s Airless Room, the Ballarat boys have consistently raised their own bar. Which leads us to Urgency.

Headspinning Bias opens the batting and is the type of song you wish you could play on Guitar Hero. Plenty of hammer-on potential and enough diversity to make me feel like Mr Schneebly from School of Rock. That being said those clinking noises when you miss a note on expert level still haunt my fucking dreams. Anyway, if this doesn’t get you two stepping in front of your nearest pet, then you either have no soul or no pet.

My undying love for Anticline continues as Paroxysm (Everything Comes Pouring Out) picks up the tempo and intensity. Vocals bounce off each other seamlessly operating like a well oiled Bert Kreischer. Chaotic energy flows through Paroxysm (Stupid title) as a touch of Norma Jean influence tickles my ear holes. Production finds a perfect balance that doesn’t water down or minimise the intended impacted. Think of it as crispy chaos.

Every part of my praise so far can be chucked in the bin after listening to In the Open. Now this negativity has nothing to do with the song itself, it fucking rules. This could be the beefiest song I’ve heard all week, and I especially love the drums on this cut. My issue lies with those god awful top rope moves performed in the music video. Considering I see at least 3 pieces of WWE merchandise, there is no excuse for that dismal elbow drop and frog splash. Furthermore your honour, why are we going for the most basic of moves. For fucks sake boys I wanna see a shooting star press off a marshall stack like Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 19. Fucking posers.

The slow burn intro of Bent Pace builds like a Soundcloud rap song but never follows through with any wicket triplet flows. What we do receive instead is a more meticulous effort from Anticline. Possibly my favourite track on the entire EP, Bent Pace feels precise. Almost in the same way that a song like Guided by the Moon by Knocked Loose feels off A Different Shade of Blue. I keep coming back to this cut and with every listen I feel like I gain another piece to the puzzle.

Speaking of Knocked Loose. Major props must go to the absolutely killer feature Bobak Rafiee (Justice for the Damned) gives on the Knocked Loose tinged Pitch Black. This is what I would describe as the most traditional mosh track on Urgency, and boy Anticline use this time wisely. When this is performed live I would recommend everybody go and purchase a Backbone moshguard (coming soon). Otherwise I will personally knock some teeth out myself.

Closing out proceedings with Futurum Obscurus, the big talking point is the clean vocals on the back end. Now I don’t know if the band weren’t confident with these vocals, but they gotta be higher in the mix. From what I can hear they sound great and should be used sporadically in future releases. Minor points also will be taken off for the stupid fucking title of this song. Whose bright idea was this? I struggle with normal words let alone this made up mumbo jumbo.

Urgency is not without its minor flaws. Certain riffs follow similar structures and the classic pita patter double kicks will never not shit me up the wall. Plus if I’m being honest, 90% of point deductions stem from those horrific top rope dives. But what can I say other than Anticline fucking rule.

Like Chris Gayle in a 20/20 big bash game Anticline have smashed it out of the park. Every track on Urgency has purpose and feels like it contributes to a bigger picture. This won’t blow the band up by any means, but it will put one of Australia’s most slept on acts in front of a new audience. Urgency is an adrenaline fuelled slice of mayhem that will have you coming back again and again. Anticline don’t set the bar, Anticline are the bar.

Urgency is out August 28


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