Backbone 100 Countdown (10-1)

10.Trophy Eyes ‘Figure Eight’

I don’t know what’s more impressive, the fact that WWE superstar Seth Rollins is the centrepiece of this lyric video, or the fact that Trophy Eyes brought Bleeding Gums Murphy back from the dead to perform on this song. The saxophone solo is borderline arrogant but my god it works so well. A truly epic moment that found a way to elevate an already phenomenal cut, songs like this are why people regard Trophy Eyes so highly.

9. Justice for the Damned ‘Guidance from the Pain’

I recently got pulled over for speeding, when the officer approached the car he heard the closing breakdown of Guidance From The Pain. In a state of panic and respect he didn’t give me a ticket, we simply fist bumped before going our seperate ways. Ok that last bit was a lie, but I did get a speeding fine while listening to this song, so expect an invoice Justice for the Damned for around $240.64.

8. Polaris ‘Hypermania’

“What a whimsical building. Who says science can’t be fun?” – Lisa Simpson
“Me. I smell a museum.” – Bart Simpson
“Yeah, good things don’t end with -eum. They end with -mania. Or -teria.” – Homer Simpson

“I’ve never felt more seen in my entire life.” – Nick Brown

7. Spiritbox ‘Holy Roller’

I didn’t think it was possible for the original Holy Roller to get any better, but fuck me they went ahead and did it. I am racking my brain to think of an equivalent, maybe when Vanilla Coke was introduced. Spiritbox are 100% the most exciting act in heavy music right now, proving that they can master different styles with ease. Get on the hype train now before Spiritbox take over the world.

6. Bring Me the Horizon ‘Kingslayer’

A few years before Seth Rollins appeared in the Trophy Eyes video, he had a specific nickname, that being the kingslayer. Bring Me the Horizon flipped the script on the bands latest offering with BABYMETAL providing a world class feature (the BABYMETAL verse is fucked up good). One of those songs that you can dance, mosh, sing, and cry to all at the exact same time. Whenever my alarm goes off, the line “Get the fuck up, wake the fuck up” makes sure that I’m never late for work, my boss thanks you for this.

5. Make Them Suffer ‘Erase Me’

Never before in my life have I cried to the sound of a blast beat, that didn’t change with Erase Me, but it’s pretty fuckin awesome. Make Them Suffer continued their streak of banger releases with a song filmed to the brim with highlights. I think there is a genuine argument for Make Them Suffer having the strongest catalogue in Australian heavy music, very few dud songs and I can’t wait to see these tracks performed live. Listen to How to Survive a Funeral now.

4. Eskimo Callboy ‘Hypa Hypa’

What the fuck do you even say about this song? My dad consistently sings the chorus and gets cranky when he hasn’t had his daily dose of Hypa Hypa. Whenever festivals return I implore everyone to dress like these sexy bastards and dance the night away while butt chugging some ketamine. 2000s electronicore vibes take me back to the sweet times, the hot nights, everything is gonna be alright in the summertime, baby in the summertime, that is where I’ll be.

3. DVSR ‘Bloodlust’

How’s the cheek on DVSR, referencing Body Count & The Rolling Stones in the one song, what a lethal combo. This song is so good is contains a fucking rap battle in it. This is some XXL Freshman Class shit with CJ McMahon providing the most crushing feature of the year. I still don’t know why we don’t have a heavy version of a XXL Freshman Class, imagine seeing up and coming vocalists trade off verses to see who reigns supreme.

2. Justice for the Damned ‘Pain Is Power’

Just fucking epic, Justice for the Damned set a new standard with Pain Is Power. When that final breakdown hits it felt like I just watched an entire Quentin Tarantino movie. I was Randy Marsh in that scene with the spooky ghosts, I won’t explain that anymore for legal reasons. Pain Is Power in my opinion is the artistic peak of the band, a perfect storm that will be the highlight of live shows for years to come. Just make sure you protect yourself or you’ll get super kicked by yours truly, not the band yours truly, me.

1. Alpha Wolf ‘Akudama’

Sonically and artistically speaking, Akudama is head and shoulders above the pack in terms of what it achieved. An all killer, no filler assault on the senses that will have people screaming AK-U-DA-MA-OH at festivals for years. Third Eye Visuals must get some credit for piecing together the most memorable video of 2020, those MW2 vibes are just fantastic. Congratulations Alpha Wolf and make sure to add AKUDAMA to your votes in triple j’s Hottest 100.

Thank you to all who have been playing along over the past two weeks. If your band released music and didn’t make the 100, don’t worry, it doesn’t really matter all that much. Album and EP of the year will come out next week but for now follow the playlist below to listen to the full 100 songs all the way through. Peace & Love.

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