Backbone 100 Countdown (100-91)

100. In Hearts Wake ‘Hellbringer’

I was recently informed that In Hearts Wake haven’t released a good album since Earthwalker. Whether or not that is true is up for debate, but Hellbringer does achieve the desired outcome of being a straight up banger. Jamie Hails provides a crushing feature and a tasty breakdown elevates the song even further. Kaliyuga might not be my cup of tea, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t give this cut a few spins this year.

99. Ghostemane ‘Lazaretto’

Ghostemane is what you get if Marilyn Manson did a few too many bath salts. Blending in SoundCloud rap with Emo, Industrial and straight Metal at times, Ghostemane has impressed many in 2020. ANTI-ICON has bridged the gap of what we can consider “heavy” and this concoction of noise is a prime example.

98. LOSER ‘Lazy’

Mindless Joy is an album with some serious swagger. One of those albums that should be played at a camping festival while beer pong and holding hands goes on in the background. From the opening second Lazy hooks you and refuses to let go like a clingy ex-partner. I think that’s a compliment but I’m not 100% sure.

97. Stuck Out ‘Who You Are’

The first of many Greyscale entries Who You Are is a delightful dose of new age pop punk goodness. Harnessing a minor influence from A Day to Remember this song could’ve gone off the rails because A Day to Remember are currently useless. But luckily I stand before you happy as Larry and that chorus has not left my brain since its release.

96. Ovtsider ‘Blood’

Christmas time is coming up, if you need a song to use as a soundtrack while beating up your cousins, might I suggest this little doozy. I recently watched The Warriors (1979) and The Ovtsiders would be a great gang name in that movie. Heavy breakdowns with heavy vocals and (reads notes) heavy riffs, what’s not to love?

95. Depressant ‘XO’

Gossip Girl was a personal favourite show of mine growing up. It became tradition in my household to mimic the trademark “xo xo, gossip girl” and I don’t regret a single moment. This song has absolutely nothing to do with the show, but they are both as brutal as each other at times. Keep and ear out for future releases from these boys, they will be making some very heavy noise moving forward.

94. Wake the Blind ‘X2’

Now I’m pretty sure Backbone & Wake the Blind are beefing so I’m not happy about tainting my countdown with this negativity. But I took an oath to rank songs based on quality, and x2 kinda fucks. On top of that this band had the audacity to release a remix of x2 and lord have mercy it kinda fucks as well.

93. Mauvais ‘I Feel Nothing’

Mauvais is a silly word. I can’t spell it, I can barely pronounce it, if I Feel Nothing was written by a band called ‘Happy Sadness’ it would make the top 10. This is what you get for making me feel stupid. Band name aside this is another Adelaide entry and I’m sure all 6 people who care about the scene in Adelaide will be thrilled. It’s a shame because this song is a genuine banger, leaning to the heavier side of metalcore this is a must listen for everyone…..especially you.

92. Pressure Cracks ‘Like Father Like None’

I love Jason Butler. I once attempted to take him home with me mid performance at Soundwave 2014. I imagine if I was successful we’d be best friends right now (sigh). Truth be told I actually prefer Pressure Cracks over FEVER 333, I get a rush of adrenaline any time Jason unleashes a blood curdling scream. This song has that in spades.

91. Fever 333 ‘BITE BACK’

Contrary to what I literally just said, BITE BACK was the best Jason Butler song of 2020. FEVER 333 are one of those bands whose live shows eclipse anything they’ve ever done on recording. While that’s not a bad thing, it has felt like the music has been playing catchup for a while now. BITE BACK bucks that trend unleashing an all out punk rock assault on the senses.

10 songs down 90 to go

Tune in tomorrow for the next batch of songs as I slowly descend into madness.

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