Backbone 100 Countdown (30-21)

30. Future Static ‘Waves’

As I glance over towards my legal team, I have been instructed for the top 30 songs to actually talk about the music in question. Future Static are the definition of a “big things coming” type band. Throughout our brief stints out of lockdowns, the band have managed to crush any and every live opportunity put in front of them. With new vocalist Ami at the wheel, Waves sounds like a completely different animal. If Waves is a statement release, 2022 might be a statement year for Future Static. As Will Ferrell would say, Future Static are so hot right now. 

29. Stand Atlantic ‘deathwish’ (feat. nothing, nowhere.)

Of course this is great, just look at whose involved for crying out loud. In my humble opinion, Stand Atlantic are easily a top 5 band in the country, they simply do not miss. Trauma Factory by nothing,nowhere is a cheeky sleeper pick for album of the year. Mix up all those elements together and what do you get? A song that is instantly likeable and a track that I will continue to play for years to come. Stand Atlantic have a ceiling higher than anyone’s at this current moment, and it won’t be long until they reach those heights. Stand Atlantic takeover incoming. 

28. Onslow ‘Let Me Rust’

One of the biggest surprises of 2021 was seeing Perth band Onslow instantly become one of my favourite bands in the scene. Make Them Suffers Sean Harmanis fronts this Deftones inspired alt-rock outfit, and their debut EP truly is an all killer no filler assault. Let Me Rust sees Sean explore a more vulnerable vocal styling, making every word feel more weighted. We will be doing our best EPs of 2021 after Christmas, I guarantee Onslow will be on that list. 

27. While She Sleeps ‘SYSTEMATIC’

What a pleasant surprise this was. After being pretty bummed on 2019s So What, I had low expectations for Sleeps Society. What we received was While She Sleeps back to their best with an adrenaline rush of an album. It even made me go back to So What, and now I like that album for some reason. Systematic in my not so humble opinion is S Tier While She Sleeps, with that Prodigy inspired intro setting you up for 3 minutes of loveable chaos. While She Sleeps are touring in 2022, DO NOT MISS OUT.

26. Bad/Love ‘Feel Good’

Granted it’s been a while since ole mate Frowny has bumped bellies, but the next time he does, you best believe this song will be playing. When it come to the sexiest songs of the year, the top 3 contenders are, Bad/Love ‘Feel Good’, anything off the Silk Sonic album, and a song that is in the top 10 (stay tuned). You know what’s underrated? Hand claps, such an easy way to get a live crowd involved, it’s a borderline cheat code. Banger song, great band, it’s a yes from me.  

25. Spiritbox ‘Secret Garden’

Holy roller the hype for Spiritbox in 2021 was insane. Recently I read an article exploring how Spiritbox were the Covid-era triumph of heavy music, and honestly that is 100% correct. Courtney LaPlant has become one of the biggest rockstars on the planet and the hype train looks poised to keep on chugging along in 2022. I really hope fans don’t end up turning on the band due to overexposure, but we heavy music fans are a fickle bunch at the best of times. If you haven’t already, go listen to Eternal Blue now and thank me later at

24. DON BROCO ‘Gumshield’

I wasn’t going to expose our ongoing legal battle with DON BROCO, but you get what you fucking deserve cowards. So if you head on over to the merch section of this website, you will find our brilliant ‘Moshguards’ for sale. Designed to help you out in the pit and avoid those pesky dental bills. DON BROCO sees this, and 6 months later we have the song Gumshield….coincidence? Truth be told, the band have their own mouthguards ready to sell but our legal team are actually stopping them from going on sale. Fuck you DON BROCO, great song though. 

23. RedHook ‘Bad Decisions’

A chorus more addicting than crack. If you asked me a year ago what I thought about Sydney nu-metal revival act RedHook, I would’ve rolled my eyes in utter disgust. I like to think that we’ve both grown since then, I say this in more ways than one, what a difference a year can make. Besides that gosh darn chorus, the punchy aesthetic and relatable lyrics give Bad Decisions such a high replay value. I could do without that Nicki Minaj style Roman voice, but that’s a minor nitpick on an otherwise lovely tune. 

22. Deadlights ‘Born of a Lie’

Sorry this is my last rant, but it’s regarding the name of the band so I think I get away with this on a technicality. IT Chapter 1 is amazing piece of cinema, Pennywise is terrifying, I love the obvious Goonies inspiration, chefs kiss all round. IT Chapter 2 is nearly 3 hours of infuriating mediocrity. So many things in the movie just happen without question, “we have to split up to find a personal secret item” fuck all the way off with that shit. Holy fuck I nearly forgot about the abundance of CGI that plagues this film, by the end I was legitimately hoping Spidey-Wise killed all of them. Bill Hader is fantastic though.  

21. Every Time I Die ‘Planet Shit’

Every Time I Die are a god tier band, thinking otherwise is objectively wrong. When this song dropped fuck me running it nearly had me as excited as the DONDA listening parties, nearly. Planet Shit is what I assume trying meth would be like, just an insane adrenaline rush for 3-4 minutes, then an hour long comedown. Keith Buckley is the best vocalist and lyricist in heavy music, he could write about how One Tree Hill is better than The O.C and I’d believe him. Although we all know The O.C is far superior. 

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