Backbone 100 Countdown (40-31)

40. Enter Shikari ‘The Great Unknown’

In 2016 I went over to Europe with a couple of friends to embark on some mischief. After hopping on our Contiki bus we greeted all the other Aussies accordingly. One of the names on that bus I shit you not was Talby, no word of a lie. We asked him how he goes when getting a coffee from Starbucks and he told us he has been called the following names. Toby, Telly, Toffee, Nelly, Shelby and my all time favourite, Belly. How can you get something so fucking wrong holy shit, I’m dying just thinking about it, poor Talby.

Song Description = Good

39. Anticline ‘In the Open’

In 2017 I was lucky enough to go to Coachella. Somehow I won a free upgrade at the event so I was given VIP tickets meaning I could go to a very important places and do ketamine. Now from what I’d seen on Instagram I was expecting to see Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale, essentially the entire High School Musical cast. Instead the biggest celebrity I saw was Seth Green, if it wasn’t for his security I would’ve slip slop slapped his dumb hat off is head.

Song Description = Enjoyable

38. Spiritbox ‘Blessed Be’

My final travel story comes from 2 weeks prior to the above story. On a San Fransisco pub crawl I had well and truly quenched my thirst with all the terrible beers America had to offer. So I called an Uber to go home, on the way back while chatting to my driver, he mentioned the fact that I resembled the look of Zac Fucking Efron. Now for those who don’t know what I look like, I have been likened to Steve Buscemi in the past, but never High School Musical heart throb Zac Efron. Was only downhill from there.

Song Description = Fun

37. Stand Atlantic ‘Wavelength’

New game idea. Listen to 10 instrumental tracks by a metalcore band and try and guess the 2 imposter songs by a different artist. Each round you get to listen to little bit more of every song to make things a bit harder. Realistically, I could name you 5 bands that would be near impossible to seperate, but I won’t name them because I’m a nice guy. Among Us ‘Metalcore Edition’ coming soon to steam.

Song Description = Danceable

36. DVSR ‘Off Tap’

Time to have a crack at one of my old mates. Ever go out to grab some food with a mate, only for them to have left their wallet at home? No big deal albeit a little suspicious, I will happily shout the meal for you kind sir. Enter my friend Brad, who after knowing of his lack of funds for the evening, proceeded to order shots for a table of girls that he was interested in. I was beside myself, I nearly tested the ‘everything’s a drum’ theory out on his head.

Song Description = Hard

35. DREGG ‘Hectic’

Unpopular opinion incoming, Tokyo Drift is the best Fast & the Furious movie. First of all it has fucking Bow Wow in the movie which is a massive plus. It’s also set in Tokyo so everything looks cool, finally the soundtrack is the best of the series. With that said I’ve only seen 2 of those movies so maybe I’m not qualified to give an opinion, oh well hasn’t stopped me before. The movie is hectic.

Song Description = Hectic

34. Outloved ‘Blind & Falling’

When I was in a band many moons ago I remember a specific lyric that I thought was so sick. “Blindfold the blind as we hope to find the promise land”, pretty wank now that I think about it, but at the time, lawwwwwd baby jesus I thought it was slam poetry. Remember that scene from 21 Jump Street when Jonah Hill does slam poetry? Duuuuude so good, maybe it was 22 Jump Street, I don’t think it really matters.

Song Description = Catchy

33. Northlane ‘Enemy of the Night’

No stories for this one, just want to rave a little bit about the Full Tilt Festival that was announced a few hours ago. Joining Northlane is a cavalcade of the best hard hitters in the land including Hands Like Houses, In Hearts Wake, Thy Art Is Murder, Luca Brasi, Slowly SlowlyMake Them SufferFrenzal Rhomb, Press Club, Alpha Wolf, Thornhill, Yours Truly, The Bennies and Reliqa. Eaton’s Hill Outdoors is where it all goes down on Saturday 12, June, 2021. Tickets on sale Friday.

Song Description = Oath

32. Alpha Wolf ‘don’t ask…’

Alpha Wolf is one of the toughest band names in human history. If I was to start a new band I’d call it Corpse Puncher, but even that isn’t even close to Alpha Wolf. Black Sabbath is a tough name looking back, so is Body Snatcher. Is the goal when coming up with a band name to sound tough? Like when choosing the best out of the bunch, do we pick the most violent name? If so I have a few I could say, but I won’t for legal reasons.

Song Description = Epic

31. The Gloom in the Corner ‘Warfare’

Short people freak me out, not sure why but it always seems like they’re up to something. I assume short people think the same about tall people, but besides going on a plane, we have every advantage. Hi, my name is Nick and I suffer from Nanosophobia. Anyway the singer of this band is pretty short, I’m sure he’s a nice guy when everyone’s sitting down.

Song Description = Short

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