Backbone 100 Countdown (60-51)

60. Alpha Wolf ‘Rot in Pieces’

Rot in Pieces sounds like an old school WWF PPV title with the main event being The Undertaker vs Kane in a “first person to die loses match”. Would be a great match, Kane was such a beast in the 90s holy shit he was thicccccc. The Undertaker was a big guy but had a lot of pudge during this particular time period, so honestly I think we have to give the win to Kane. Considering The Undertaker is known as the dead man I’m sure he’d be able to bounce back from the loss.

59. Bloom ‘In Passing’

Bloom is the title of a Machine Gun Kelly album, not a great album if I’m being honest but it’s decent. In Bloom is a song by Nirvana, not a great song if I’m being honest but it’s decent. Bloom is also a TV series that ran 2 seasons gaining a cult following in the process, not a great show if I’m being honest. Now that I think about it, Bloom the band might be the best version of a word that constantly disappoints elsewhere. Wtf am I talking about.

58. Vilify ‘Deadweight’

My dog Milo is such a lazy prick at times, love him to bits but boy is he stubborn. Whenever it’s time to go to bed he will refuse to get up and walk a mere 7 metres to his bed, instead opting for the couch. So I have to pick him up over my shoulders and gently place him at his place of rest. This might not sound overdramatic, but Milo is a 50kg bloodhound, that’s a lot of deadweight to carry. Also this song bops, a great find for 2020.

57. END ‘Pariah’

Now I’ve listened to this track 15 times this year and I still have absolutely no idea what the fuck is happening. Is this song impressive or horrific, it’s fucking confusing either way. END are compiled of people from other bands but I refuse to call them a supergroup, fucking hate that term. Someone once told me that every band should be easily described in a sentence, a series of novels would struggle to convey what’s going on is this track.

56. While She Sleeps ‘Fakers Plague’

Is While She Sleeps a creepy band name or am I clutching at straws? What are you doing While She Sleeps? Hopefully sleeping I guess, maybe making this person breakfast in bed. Fuck I could go for some avocado on toast right about now, maybe some grilled tomato, mushroom and a cheeky hash brown. Maybe because I’m quite clearly single I don’t understand the band name. Such is life.

55. Dweller ‘Ravenous’

Jumping off from the last song Ravenous means to be extremely hungry, luckily I had ate a big thick juicy foot long from Subway so I’m a very happy boy. This song comes off the EP White Rabbit, I used to have a rabbit as a kid. We named him Boston like a Boston Bunny, pretty clever stuff from old mate frowny. Unfortunately Boston is no longer with us and now I’m sad because of this, cheers Dweller. Songs pretty rad tho.

54. Starve ‘Shiver’

At UNIFY 2020 while doing a bunch of naughty things that shouldn’t be done by anyone, a fucking hurricane hit the campgrounds, at least that’s what it felt like. I’ll never forget people hugging each other over seeing tents completely flooded out, it was actually really wholesome content. During that time I was starving for a vegan toastie which I eventually ate with a cheeky grin on my face. Oh yeah it was also cold so I had the shivers, gimme a break I’ve done nearly 50 of these write-ups.

53. Ghostemane ‘Vagabond’

What an unsuspecting breakdown to hit my earholes, one of the best of the year in my humble but ultimately correct opinion. What do you think Ghostemane does in his spare time for fun? I can’t imagine he’s a basketball fan or big into fantasy football, he seems more of a creepy doll collector. Nothing wrong with that of course, my creepy doll collection is quite the sight to behold, bet Ghostemane kills people as well.

52. Like Moths to Flames ‘Habitual Decline’

The phrase is a simple allusion to the well-known attraction that moths have to bright lights. The word moth was used the the 17th century to mean someone who was apt to be tempted by something that would lead to their downfall. This is referred to by Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice, 1596:

51. Make Them Suffer ‘How to Survive a Funeral’

What a strange thing to tell someone, how to survive a funeral. I imagine as long as I’m not the one who is dead it shouldn’t be that difficult. Even if I am the one who is dead I could become a zombie, vampire, ghost etc plenty of options for a dead person in 2020. Can’t wait for 50 years down the line when nobody truly dies they just get shifted to another section of the world like different rooms in a nightclub.

That’s it until Monday, next week we crown the best song of 2020.

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