Backbone 100 Countdown (70-61)

70. Ocean Grove ‘Neo’

Full disclosure from me to you, I have never seen The Matrix. All I know is that it’s some inter-dimensional bullshit that makes little sense with the sequels getting progressively worse. But I do know that there is a character called Neo which happens to be the title of this song. Apparently a fourth Matrix coming out soon, not sure why I’m telling you this information, songs pretty cool I guess.

69. Luca Brasi ‘This Selfish Love’

A few years ago I convinced a friend that the term Luca Brasi was a brand of ladies underwear. This same friend would always say that his favourite movie was The Godfather, fucking moron. Only last year did he realise that his new girlfriends brand of underwear were not Luca Brasi and he began to ask questions. Out of all those pieces of stupidity the worst in my opinion is rating The Godfather higher than the clearly better sequel.

68. The Wandering ‘Salt of the Earth’

Oi this shit fucked up my entire existence upon first listen. Actually this fucks me up upon every listen now that I think about it. Lawd baby Jesus this is the type of song that you play at a family gathering just for the reaction. This is the type of song that your aunty listens to once only to invite an exorcist over at Christmas to drain you from the swamp demons in your mind. Go on, I dare you to listen to this song.

67. Slowly Slowly ‘Race Car Blues’

What a strange name for a band. The following is a list of names that are significantly better than Slowly Slowly. Key Chain Mafia, Boombox Bandits, Nipple Stickers, Long Sleeve Short Sleeve. I could go but you get my point. Also as you could probably tell I was running out of things in my room to look at. Actually Race Car Blues would be a sick name for a band as well, someone trademark that shit asap.

66. Body Count ‘Thee Critical Beatdown’

Picture this. You’re driving down the freeway of Los Santos in GTA5 trying to drive correctly for a few minutes because everyone does it. All of a sudden this fuckin song comes on and a rampage must begin. If I were to ever commit a major crime in my life, this song would be on repeat throughout and I’d be a very happy boy. But because I’m a good boy (pussy), I have to settle for running over people in a video game to quench my thirst for blood.

65. Code Orange ‘Cold.Metal.Place’

Code Orange have performed for the WWE in the past which must be a big thing for the band. But I assume taking out the number 65 spot in the Backbone 100 surpasses that by quite a distance. When I saw Code Orange perform at Download 2019 I specifically remember some dude getting knocked out in the pit, wonder what that guys doing now. Probably dead cos that shit was gnarly.

64. Ghost Complex ‘Eclipse’

How fucking dare this band rip off my Coachella 2018 rave mask for this video. I specifically remember passing out during Post Malone while wearing this mask, can’t remember why, can’t remember much now that I think about it. Once again I will say that the term Ghost Complex sounds like a weird futuristic tech movie that has cool visuals but lacks any sort of cinematic substance.

63. Stuck Out ‘Inverse’

All I really want in music is a sexy bass tone, I’m not exactly picky. A bass tone that reminds me of one of my 1425 celebrity crushes that I have. A bass tone that keeps me up at night because I just can’t stop thinking about it. A bass tone that makes me shed a singular tear because of how much it shakes me to my rotten core. Anyway this song is cool and it has a nice bass tone so that’s nice I guess.

62. Diamond Construct ‘Psychosis’

Blade Trinity is one of my favourite bad movies for a number of reasons. Wesley Snipes kills a lot of vampires, Triple H gives Ryan Reynolds a spine buster, and the vampire dogs are terrifying. If Diamond Construct had released this track in 2004 this would’ve been perfect vampire killing music. Imagine shoving some garlic into a some blood suckers mouth while this cheeky breakdown plays in the background, perfect montage music.

61. Bad/Love ‘DMU’

Is Bad/Love two words or one word? I understand both arguments because that stupid / in my opinion combines them together to make one big super word. Maybe the / has an alternative meaning that my fried brain can’t comprehend in a time like this. Song kinda bangs though and as I type this out I feel like this should’ve been in a higher spot, oh well too late for that now.

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