Backbone 100 Countdown (80-71)


DREGG are the equivalent of one of my favourites movies ever, Sharkboy & Lavagirl. Both are wild splashes of colour that make you feel like you’re on a beautiful acid trip. FREAKING OUT dishes out a deadly dose of Deez Nuts influence that….wait a second. Sharkboy & Lavagirl only has a 19% on Rotten Tomatoes, da fuck is that about. 

79. Outloved ‘Hurt Me’

My dad enjoyed this song thoroughly which I think is a good thing. He also thinks the original Halloween movie is the scariest piece of cinema ever which is just plain wrong. Everyone knows The Descent is the scariest movie ever or maybe Hereditary, fuck that movie ruined my life upon first viewing. Outloved have been one of the best finds of 2020 and this song is a prime example why.

78. Malevolence ‘Keep Your Distance’

Malevolence sounds like the name of a 1870s movie villain with a twirly moustache. Malevolence is also a movie from 2004 that has a 33% rating on Rotten Tomatoes which pisses me off royally being above Sharkboy & Lavagirl. This tracks some big boy music with that guy who says ARF a lot providing a legendary feature. Jolly good show. 

77. Enter Shikari ‘T.I.N.A’

One day in the not too distant future we will look back at Enter Shikari and realise that we were lucky to live through the same time period as them. Every album they make is unique, every performance is memorable, no jokes for this one I’m just blown away at how good this band are. Sometimes when I’m feeling extra frisky I put on my interview with Rou Reynolds and do completely innocent things as I am a good boy.

76. Make Them Suffer ‘Bones’

The phrase Make Them Suffer sounds like a line that Jigsaw would say before cutting off someone’s dick or some shit. In reality Make Them Suffer are one of the hardest working bands in the country that dropped a stellar album in 2020. Thinking back though I feel like most traps in the Saw movies are easily escapable. 

75. Anticline ‘Headspinning Bias’

Recently I talked about bands that I could physically beat up and for the most part I feel confident in my fighting ability. But I’ve seen Anticlines moves, and let me tell you they would put me through a flaming table faster than you can say “good god almighty”. The chaotic metalcore energy radiates from this band like my pasty white skin radiates off the sun.

74. Hacktivist ‘Armoured Core’

Man I’ve been a Hacktivist fan since wayyyyy back. When I saw them in London on New Year’s Eve in 2015 I specifically remember them playing Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit. Shortly after I recall losing every single one of my marbles in a state of euphoria. Armoured Core continues a hot streak for the band who have bounced back amidst recent lineup changes. 

73. To Octavia ‘They Tell Me They’re With Me’

This cut has so much groove that is belongs in an 80s disco movie montage. I remember someone on Joe Rogan said that Ric Flair was the inventor of ‘swag’. Well I’m sorry Mr Nature Boy but you can go lock yourself in a Figure Four because this track has out swaggered your white haired lookin ass. 

72. Boundaries ‘Carve’

Mosh: A form of enjoyment at any decent show, however, the best pits are at punk and metal shows, where they actually get some good moshing and don’t just jump up and down like idiots at a Fall Out Boy concert. Shoutout urban dictionary for both explaining how to mosh and calling out Fall Out Boy. Great stuff.

71. Father Deer Hands ‘Make Me Feel’

Another fantastic find in 2020 is this lovely piece of melodic hardcore from Father Deer Hands. Listening to this track reminds me of the scene when I was in a band many moons ago. Both instrumentally and vocally the songs excels with added emphasis of creating a cohesive piece rather than leaning on a big moment to carry the song.

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