Backbone 100 Countdown (90-81)

90. The Amity Affliction ‘Forever’

Joel Birch has been the background on my phone ever since he made a certain ‘cameo’ earlier this year. I lay awake at night staring into that mans confused eyes wondering if he is in fact “way more better”. In a year that saw The Amity Affliction release another disappointing album, Forever was easily the best of the bunch. Some classic Amity tropes with a truly infectious chorus allows this track to shine bright like a diamond.

89. Stand Atlantic ‘Jurassic Park’

I fucking love Stand Atlantic. As someone who has gone on record in saying pop punk is pretty woeful, Stand Atlantic seem to be one of the few exceptions to the rule. Jurassic Park is one of the most iconic pieces of entertainment ever, something that people still talk about today. Also the movies aren’t that bad either.

88. Infinite Illusion ‘Absence’

Shoutout to Suze from Recurrent Verse who suggested this little gem. Infinite Illusion sounds like a progressive death metal band from Stockholm, I was almost disappointed finding out otherwise. What ties this track together for me is the truly epic chorus which hits such a sweet spot for all too enjoy. Obviously the tasty breakdown doesn’t hurt the songs quality either, a really well rounded song from start to finish.

87. Inhibitor ‘Death’

I showed my mum this track, these are her exact words. “It makes me want to sacrifice my pets in front of a burning church”. Ever since then the dogs have been barking at something in the backyard, oh well should be fine. Inhibitor have their own super fan in Jason from What We Did On The Weekend who suggested this song and threatened to hurt my pets if I didn’t include it. Very strange coincidence.

86. Heists ‘Memorial’

Heists are pretty fucking great. Every track they release is a banger in my eyes, and Memorial is no exception. I’m not sure what I enjoy more, Heists the band or the Heists I do in GTA5. Both are as fulfilling as each other in my opinion. Everything flows so naturally throughout Memorial it really is impressive for a band who are known for beatdowns. 2021 will see new music from Heists and I for one cannot wait for it.

85. Reside ‘Fallen’

Reside: to have one’s permanent home in a particular place.

Residue: a small amount of something that remains after the main part has gone or been taken or used.

Fallen: The equivalent of a Bunnings snag, just fantastic.

84. Earthbound ‘Eden’

Now if somebody was to send me a song with the description of “metalcore madness” I would probably put the song directly into the nearest recycling bin. But Earthbound have found a lovely balance with the track Eden which I can only assume was written about eating apples. It’s a debate that rages across the apple eating community as to which brand is king. Personally I’m a granny smith type of guy but I have been called a sour puss because of this. Bananas are better anyway.

83. Yours Truly ‘Composure’

When Wesley Snipes was fighting Dracula in Blade Trinity to try and stop the vampire race from rising up and taking over the world, he needed composure. Luckily Wesley Snipes is great at 2 things, killing vampires and avoiding paying taxes. Yours Truly are going to blow up big time in the next year or 2, and when they do ima be that guy screaming I told you so even though most people would predict the same thing. Cool song.

82. Machine Gun Kelly ‘Forget Me Too’

18 months ago I said MGK was good and was made fun of by many. 2020 rolls around and now everyone loves my man Machine Gun Kelly. Honestly guys I have fantastic taste, you should listen to me more often. Halsey appears on this track and gives the most 2000s performance of all time, I fucking love it. Imagine being able to sing that high and stay on pitch? Great song and my favourite from Tickets to my Downfall.

81. Limbs ‘Empty Vessel’

Limbs are one of those under appreciated bands that constantly write bangers while harnessing influence from bands like Every Time I Die & Norma Jean. Empty Vessel hits you square in the sternum with massive riffs and disgusting grooves. Seriously this is like eating KFC, you feel dirty while eating it, you may regret it later, but fuck me it’s a great experience. Back Limbs and bring them down to Australia ASAP.

Tomorrow we look at 80-71 but until then. Follow the playlist below to keep up with all the songs so you can jam out in your own time.

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