Bands to watch in 2020

After close to three years doing the Backbone Sunday Sessions Podcast I like to think I have a good eye for talent when it comes to bands rising up through the ranks. The Australian heavy music scene feels more promising now than ever before so rather than talking about how great Ocean Grove & Make Them Suffer are (pretty sick aye) lets look at the next generation.

Obviously with everything going on at the moment these bands as well as every band need our support more than ever. Buy merch, stream music, share to your friends.


Sydney Melodic Hardcore act Bloom have carved out quite the following over the past few years and it’s easy to see why. Borrowing sounds from top tier acts Counterparts and Touché AmoreBloom have found a way to separate themselves from the pack with an uncomfortably raw vocal delivery and an exceptional rhythm section keeping things air tight. There latest track ‘The Service’ feels like a band pushing themselves forward with the utilisation of their clean vocals feeling like an ace in the hole. After an impressive showing at Invasion Fest 2020 it feels like momentum in carrying Bloom forward at a rapid rate, all you have to do is listen. 


Every year at UNIFY Gathering there is one band whose performance feels like it’s the start of something bigger. In 2017 and 2018 it was Polaris, in 2019 it was Thornhill, and in 2020 that band was Weighbridge. Talk about a band who are far beyond their years, the polish that Weighbridge already possess is something bands 10 years into their career strive for. 2019s ‘Limbic Resonance’ EP was essentially one big Ted Talk on song writing and when you have one of the best vocalists in the scene at your disposal things can sometimes appear easy for the band. Make no mistake you will hear more from this band soon and I recommend you get on the bandwagon now before they explode.


After what felt like an extended lull in the Perth scene things now feel reinvigorated with a host of exciting talent coming from the west side of town. Leading the charge though are heavy boys Daybreak who have worked there asses off touring extensively in 2019 to give you there brand of that punch your boss mosh music. Exciting times are surely ahead after posting that they are working on their first full length release right now so expect to hear new music in the second half of 2020 and expect to see them in a town near you before the end of the year.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, 2020 is a do or die situation for Deadlights. After there 2017 album Mesma garnered the band universal praise the band went into hibernation not dropping any new music for all of 2018. Coming back better than ever ‘Bathed in Venom’ felt like the start of the next chapter for the Greyscale Records act but alas, nothing came from it. It took over half a year for the Queenslanders to release a follow up single in ‘Sugarcoated Psychosis’ but once again no full length was announced. I have full confidence in the bands talent but it’s at the point where I’m starting to get restless, a now or never situation for lack of a better term.  

To Octavia 

Despite my chequered past with the Melbourne group To Octavia something that I cannot deny is there work ethic. The band seem determined to hone and perfect there craft musically with their latest single ‘They Tell Me They’re With Me’ being the bands best effort so far combining infectious grooves with a stadium chorus. While To Octavia released there EP ‘Nocturnal’ last year smart money says the band aren’t going to be resting on their laurels and will have more music in 2020. Touring with bands like The Brave is bound to get the creative juices flowing. 


In 2019 the biggest breakout band was undoubtably Dealer with their debut EP Soul Burn being on rotation throughout the year. One band who has benefited from their success is Melbourne chaotic metalcore outfit Starve. There 2019 release Mantis was a breath of fresh air amidst a lot of mediocre metalcore with their latest single ‘Shiver‘ upping the energy and intensity. The Starve live show is gaining some serious momentum with gigs supporting Stray From the Path and Kublai Khan already under their belt. I’m personally noticing crowds getting to shows early to check these guys out, don’t sleep on them.

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