Bring Me The Horizon & YUNGBLUD Release ‘Obey’

Well, fuck me running aye. Bring Me The Horizon are back again and this time, they’ve acquired a little bit of assistance from YUNGBLUD. The new song ‘Obey’ looks like the sexiest power rangers episode ever and the song keeps with that same mantra (wink wink). But enough about what I think, have a listen yourself and enjoy yet another Bring Me The Horizon banger.

Obey is a soaring ode about how, as a society, oppression has been so normalized in our DNA that we can’t even see it anymore. Oli says: “We consider ourselves free, but only because the chains are invisible, and we are controlled in ways we don’t even want to think about. They tell us how to live with a smile on their face, like shit ain’t fucked up, inform us of tragic statistics like it’s nothing… it’s a weird world.”

Written by Bring Me The Horizon with additional production by Doom and Doom Eternal composer Mick Gordon, Obey is the third track lifted from the band’s first EP of the forthcoming ‘Posthuman’ series. It follows the group’s first song released during isolation Parasite Eve, which has over 35 million streamsto date. Bring Me The Horizon continues to use this time to create and write what is set to be some of their most boundary crossing, powerful music to date.

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