Bury Tomorrow ‘Cannibal’ (Album Review)

Allow me to paint a picture for you all. Frankston Mechanics Hall in 2014, the bill consisted of the following. I Killed The Prom Queen, The Ghost Inside, In Hearts Wake, Hellions, and my first experience of UK metalcore outfit Bury Tomorrow. Seriously what a fucking collective of bands, looking back it may be one of my all-time favourite gigs.

If I’m being honest however Bury Tomorrow have never been my cup of tea. Not to say that I think the band are bad by any means, just that there are better acts that occupy a similar space. Let’s see if they can prove me wrong on Cannibal.

Choke kicks off proceedings and for the most part it’s a straight-up banger. Crushing riffs with a chorus that borrows influence from Killswitch Engage hitting you right in the nostalgia gland. My main issue with the track is a repeating section that sounds like a direct rip off of Parkway Drives Dark Days. When you hear it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Despite how impressive the band are instrumentally many listeners will not gravitate to the band simply due to the dime a dozen vocals that plague the album. It’s an observation that can be made almost immediately leaving me with a feeling of what could’ve been.

As the album continues you hear all the key characteristics you would expect on an album like this. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing, if you love this brand of metalcore this will leave you more than satisfied. But there’s a distinct lack of substance or originality that holds Cannibal back. Some serious shred work highlights the album’s title track but beyond that, the song offers up very little. The Grey is as forgettable as they come feeling like a Machine Head b-side off one of there bad album (there’s a few).

With all that set however Cannibal thrives throughout the middle section of the album with songs like Imposter and The Agonist being clear standouts. Some serious two-stepping action made me contemplate my first mosh movements post quarantine. I still don’t give the band a pass for the Killswitch worship but these songs spice up the formula enough to keep me engaged…..killswitch engaged.

Quake sucks. The typical ballad that works about 10% of the time unsurprisingly fails on this occasion. Cut this song out and shorten the runtime for fucks sake. Gods_Machines shows promise throughout and is an acceptable track but by this point in the album, everything starts to blend together.

Bury Tomorrow are simply a victim of the current metalcore climate. The OG influences will draw many in, but will push away many more. Instrumentally this album has moments of sheer brilliance but overall Cannibal lacks substance. All of Bury Tomorrows’ metalcore counterparts have well and truly surpassed the U.K group leaving me wondering what’s next for the band. There’s a lot to like on Cannibal, but both its appeal and target markets are extremely limited. Proceed with caution.


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