Call Of Duty Warzone Releases Heavy AF ‘Wartracks’

For months now I have been grinding my ass off trying to get a victory in Call of Duty Warzone. Many times I questioned my own ability. But now Season 5 is here it turns out all I needed was a kick ass song to jam out to while driving an ATV. Also anytime I get killed I assume hackers are the reason behind it all.

For those who don’t play Warzone (don’t, it’s awful) the game has recently added something called ‘Wartracks’. Basically this means that anytime you hop on a vehicle to cut some mad skids you get the option to listen to 3 instrumental tracks, and fuck me they go hard.

Sepulchre sounds like Lamb of Gods Laid to Rest without Randy Blythe’s sexy voice.

Brass Crown is A Day to Remembers ‘Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way’ riff slowed down.

Heavy Weaponry sounds like an OG metalcore banger

I encourage any and every vocalist to chuck a cheeky vocal over the top of these instrumentals because you know, it’d be cool.

Listen below and enjoy.

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