‘Can’t Keep Us Down’ announces stacked Melbourne lineup

I don’t really give a flying fiddle what you doing from November 27-29. If you live in Melbourne and have been craving live music like I’ve been craving ketamine for the past 9 months, THIS SHOW IS FOR YOU.

Stay Gold & What We Did On The Weekend have announced ‘Can’t Keep Us Down‘. A three night multi show extravaganza raising money for Beyond Blue. So we have incredible people putting on a show at an incredible venue, I guess the only thing we’re missing is some FARKING INCREDIBLE BANDS.

On Friday we have the two band power trip of DREGG & Drastic Park

Saturday we enter metalcore madness with Earthbound & Dweller

Finally Sunday (if you’re still alive) gives you Bad/Love & Wake the (mother fucking) Blind

Every single band have released new music in 2020 amidst all the fuckery going on, so they will be munching gums in anticipation.

Tickets go on sale Monday at 11am via eventbrite

Each night will consist of two sessions at 7pm & 9pm (book accordingly)

Tickets are extremely limited and shows will be seated

Tickets for one session will cost $35 INCLUDING booking fees but if you are feeling extra generous you can buy a limited edition shirt to commemorate this historic occasion (actually a dope design).

Victoria has had a horrific 2020. But guess what…..they CAN’T KEEP US DOWN (kill me).

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