Corey Taylor Releases New Song And It Is Really Bad

Christ on a bike this is rough. Corey Taylor is one of those musicians that is pretty much untouchable when it comes to criticism. But let’s call a piece of shit a piece of shit shall we? Sporting a very awkward dad hat Corey Taylor has a new song/video for the track CMFT Must Be Stopped. The song sounds like if Kid Rock and Five Finger Death Punch bumped bellies in the worst possible way. Without doing any research I believe CMFT stands for Corey Mother Fucking Taylor which is a crime in itself. Like this is some shit your drunk uncle would spit out at Christmas because he’s just “not pc bro”.

I like to think Corey himself knew this song sucked, so to take everyones mind off the music he called in favours from his friends to appear in the video. I also like to think Corey just told them what to say and never played them the actual song, because he knew that none of them would want to be associated with this hot piece of garbage.

The song also tries to cram two rap features in because lord knows that was the missing ingredient that would tie the whole song together. Tech N9ne and Kid Bookie try their best but ultimately, when you have Corey Taylor holding a wrestling title for most of the video, is there any hope of salvation?

Listen and laugh below

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