Crossfaith ‘Species’ (EP Review)

While releasing eps instead of full length albums may seem like a good idea on the surface. The results leave a lot to be desired. Despite its potential bands are using the format to release lacklustre B-sides rather than giving us that shot of adrenaline we are craving. Take the latest release from Crossfaith as an example. Titled Species the Japanese heavyweights are back to water down the sound that made them such an exciting band to begin with. I’m as disappointed as you are.

Take the opening track Digital Parasite for example. A song that contains every element that makes Crossfaith an amazing band. Yet it still falls flat compared to the bands past work. I love a nu metal bounce as much as the next person, but the track lacks any sort of inspiration which is a running theme for the entire release.

An exciting opening minute to the song Endorphin gets cut off at the knees when a horrific chorus kills any momentum the song had built up. Being a fan of the band since the Zion ep I have had to begrudgingly accept clean choruses as a constant within Crossfaiths repertoire. I say begrudgingly not because I dislike clean vocal sections as a whole. But because Crossfaith are yet to produce a decent clean chorus since the bands inception. 

Truth Of Insanity continues this obnoxious trend. A song that begins with pulsating riff and a sense of necessity only to be halted by a horrifically misplaced chorus. Despite this however everything else on the track hits hard enough to keep hardcore fans pleased. Metalcore riffs laced with a juicy breakdown makes the track an overall highlight.

None of Your Business is without a doubt the best track on Species mainly due to the feature from Japanese rapper Jin Dogg. Everything he produces on the track feels fresh and a welcome change in style and sound. Instrumentally the track is well balanced while keeping things unpredictable for the listener. Excellent stuff.

Species is the definition of mediocre. Some wonderful moments constantly get anchored down making this a needless release for Crossfaith. Luckily for the band people will still flock to a Crossfaith live show because well, it’s a Crossfaith live show. Hopefully they skip playing any of these tracks live and play Jagerbomb instead.


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