Depressant drop brutal new song ‘XO’

New kids on the very heavy block Depressant have just dropped a new song and christ on a bike it goes hard. Titled XO the band are essentially trying to destroy Covid one stanky moment at a time. Production is a clear highlight of the song with Chris Vernon making sense of the sheer wall of sound being presented. Guitars tones are thick and the big moments have a certain snap to it, helping emphasise and elevate the inevitable mosh carnage.

What really stands out in XO however are the lyrics. “Tell them all about the time you almost necked it, Dane. When this whole shit show had you ready to call it a day” is a harrowing line soaked in isolation and pain. An overall excellent release after last months Exotoxic leaves me feeling very intrigued on what the next few months will contain for the band. Remember the name Depressant.

Just as Exotoxic was a bitter deep-dive into the traumatic experiences and resulting mindset of one of our members at their lowest, XO attempts to illustrate the same for me.
I wrote this song about an unsuccessful attempt to take my own life in 2015. I wanted to paint a tortured, yet honest portrait of the displaced person i was and feel i still am to this day, venting my inner frustrations and appealing to my future self to think twice before harming myself to deal with trauma.i hope anybody struggling with the same finds peace, this is XO.

– Dane

Listen to XO below and our audio thoughts on the Backbone Takeover podcast.

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