Diamond Construct ‘DCX2’ (EP Review)

The brown note is a hypothetical infrasonic frequency that would cause humans to lose control of their bowels due to resonance. While attempts to demonstrate the brown note have failed, scientists believe that with the advancement of technology, heavy music is our only hope. Enter Diamond Construct. A band who I assume write music for the sole purpose of finding this amazing feet.

Diamond Construct are one of the more technically impressive bands in the scene today. 2019s self titled album was for the most part a great success producing a handful of bangers for our listening pleasure. But now they have a DJ. Unfortunately the band did not acquire DJ Lethal, David Guetta or Pauly D, but a DJ does add a unique dynamic into the mix. So let us dissect the new sampler platter known as DCX2.

808s reign down as DCX2 wastes zero time turning up the heat going (Charlie’s Angels) full throttle on Generic. The Korn inspired glitchy intro builds to a more than satisfying payoff sounding as tasty as one of my signature vegan taco bowls. So much is crammed into the 3 minute runtime with ever-changing drums, downtrend riffs and unrelenting vocals being a highlight. On the back end of the track we get a brief vocal section that is an obvious Linkin Park tribute or rip-off depending on how you look at it.

Huge mid 2000s rock vibes permeate through the chorus of Enigma sounding like an old school Seether record for a split second. This isn’t the money chorus that I’ve been looking for from Diamond Construct, but it’s a nice change up. Problems arise with the sheer amount of noise and ideas being presented. Looking at the bigger picture, I can see the more casual fans being overwhelmed by the wall of sound. Plus let’s not forget how fucking long the build up to the big breakdown takes. Holy shit I swear I could watch the first season of The O.C before this thing finally kicks in.

Psychosis is my favourite song off DCX2. So many components of this cut feels like it’d be perfect for someone like Ski Mask the Slump God to jump on. Trap undertones flow through Psychosis adding an extra layer of groove and bounce to an already excellent track. Massive moment after massive moment hit harder and harder and it’s only when the songs starts to conclude that you feel like you can take a breath. This is a claustrophobic ride that you never want to end.

Putting Scythe at the end of this project was a no brainer because it’s clearly the worst song here. All the things that make Diamond Construct exciting get watered down on this closing cut. Vocals hop between loud boy screams and Jonathon Davis/Marilyn Manson style talking which becomes painfully predictable. Scythe ends DCX2 on a whimper leaving a bad aftertaste on an otherwise solid project.

If you like your riffs sounding like a Windows 98 computer, then DCX2 has you covered. Many moments on DCX2 hit you like an RKO out of nowhere, but the few that fall flat hold this back for being truly great. Diamond Construct haven’t unlocked the new sound of the future as many bands already incorporate these styles in 2020. But I look forward to seeing the band evolve into their final form. What a beautiful sight it will be.

DCX2 out August 28 via Greyscale Records.


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