Double Dose of Podcasting Goodness

To cure all the quarantine blues we have a double dose of podcasting goodness to help you through the week. The first of which coming from long time rivals What We Did On The Weekend who I personally despise but it must be known they are great at what they do. Massive mid year review that has enough banter to last a life time. Listen Below.

On the standard Backbone front I think we may have officially lost the plot. As my best friend Rou Reynolds once said, ‘Quarantine got me fucked up yo‘. The Simpsons Breakdown segment hits its peak thanks to Mikey Arthur from The Gloom in the Corner (big ups baldy-locks). Plus Polaris have never sounded so good (or bad) thanks to Frowny and his limited mash-up abilities. Have a geez at the run sheet below and listen away.

4:30 WWE Beef Continues

10:00 The Other Guys/Bruno

18:00 The Chugsons (Simpsons Breakdown)

22:00 Consumed In Paris (Polaris/Kanye/Jay Z Mash Up)

26:30 Quiz

36:30 Pot Shots

43:00 Diamond Construct ‘Psychosis’

48:30 360 News

59:15 Family Feud

65:30 Bad Juju ‘Dawn’

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