Dweller White Rabbit

Dweller ‘White Rabbit’ (EP Review)

This was a lot of fun. Diving into new music in this day and age is very satisfying as there is no live sport to keep me entertained. When this came across my metaphorical desk I spent 2 hours researching the term ‘White Rabbit‘ while high on acid. Once you listen to the 1967 song by Jefferson Airplane you will all understand why I made that decision. With that said I am here and on the comedown to review Melbourne band Dwellers brand new EP White Rabbit. Buckle up. 

Combing elements of Polaris, While She Sleeps and early era Of Mice & Men the band have shown huge potential throughout these 5 songs. Popping up in March with their debut single It Lives, It Breathes on Triple J Unearthed the guys have been unlucky with their timing. Basically being on lockdown hasn’t given the band a chance to debut these new songs live. Guess that’s one more thing to look forward too. 

Kicking off with It Lives, It Breathes the song is full of momentum from the first riff and doesn’t let up. Think Voiceless by Polaris. The drumming is the driving force here and rarely wavers with the grooves and double kicks being a real highlight. Vocally we get a chance to hear the oh so important cleans and whilst they’re layered I think it’s good enough to keep the songs high octane pace going. The riffs on this and throughout the whole EP are first class and I’ll be very interested to see how they back this up going forward. I get huge Architects vibes on this track and if you’re getting those comparisons you must be doing something right, right? 

Ravenous is next up and if you think the band is slowing down, think again. Riff city hits hard at the beginning of this track and the first minute of the song is relentless. Here’s where my Of Mice & Men comparisons begin as the song takes a new direction at the midway point. Think The Flood era. The best era. 

In terms of song writing I think was the best written track on White Rabbit as the band showed they can do both light and shade. The bridge section on this track being my favourite part on the EP. Unfortunately though they went predictable with the close of the song bringing in the standard mosh your head off build to finish. Erase that last 30 seconds and this is the kind of track the band can build on moving forward. 

Devil You Know is the bands newest single and the video is up now on YouTube. The singer Ryan Mickan really takes charge on this song. Combining cleans and screams must be hard for any vocalist. But Ryan does a great job on this, particularly with the hook which is his best throughout the EP. While She Sleeps tendencies are found here particularly the middle section which is a massive compliment and testimony to the bands talent.  

Vicious Cycles nearly sent me into early retirement. I was violently throwing up at the sheer audaciousness of the riff coming out of the first chorus. Stank factor overload. Vocally I enjoyed the extra effort put into the chorus but in terms of the hook it was probably my least favourite on the EP. Musically outstanding though and another huge finish. Closing with Nadir was the right choice and finished White Rabbit off in style. Great chorus. Frenetic music. Stank sections. I loved this song. 

Dweller have simply knocked it out of the park. Yes they could have shortened a few songs and probably tidied up a few moments here and there but those are minor complaints. This is as good as any local EP will be in 2020 and I can’t wait to see it live. Cheers for the good trip.


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