Earthbound unleash ‘Silence’ & it’s pretty dope

I often find myself asking the question of why. Why after not writing a single article all year, do I choose this song to make my triumphant return? Why do I dedicate so much time into Guitar Hero in 2021, instead of actually learning an instrument? And why did I bet $100 on North Macedonia to beat Ukraine in the Euros after going 2-0 down inside 30 minutes? All of these questions will be answered, but be patient my excitable little fucks, it’s all about the journey.

On May 22, at Stay Gold in Brunswick, I experienced possibly the best show of the year. A show so grand, so outlandish, so rambunctious, that the estimated 2.3 million dollar stage setup shook my body to its very core. Nah but seriously though, Earthbound were fantastic. Seeing a stage show in 2021 felt so refreshing and for that I thank them dearly. So let’s talk about Silence shall we.

Opening up with a sexy dose of riff salad, it becomes immediately apparent that Earthbound are here to make a statement. Metalcore can often get lost in its own hype, but Earthbound find that lovely blend of groovy goodness that is honestly infectious. Chorus hits, breakdown crushes, and structurally Silence hits every note to be considered a certified banger.

Word on the street is this song was written about that Silent Hill demo that had you enter the same room over and over again. As somebody who still has the occasional nightmare about The Little Vampire (2000), that shits weird as fuck. Write a song about the pandemic like normal people. I’m sure ‘corona-core‘ will be taking off any minute now.

Evergreen was a monumental step up for Earthbound, but to see them progressing at such a rapid rate is exciting. Why did I decide to write about Earthbound? Because they deserve it, and they deserve your attention in 2021.

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