Falcifer ‘Pain’ (EP Review)

When Greyscale Records announced Adelaide heavy outfit Falcifer as there latest signing I must admit it caught me by surprise. I had been aware of the band for a while now but they never particularly grabbed me, anything they did I felt other bands did better so I never invested much time into the band. But knowing not only the Greyscale roster but the Greyscale owners made me think that they had something under their sleeves ready to unleash, welcome to the Pain era

Appropriately titled Pain this is 5 songs and 16 minutes of go punch your neighbour in the mouth type of music. You could argue that this release doesn’t have an original bone in its body, but that’s part of its charm. This is mosh music through and through and it is not for the faint hearted. 

With that said I’m ready for this dog artwork trend to end quick fast. Are these dogs owned by band members or do they just type in ‘angry doggo’ into google and pick the best one? Serious question I’m curious.

Something I notice listening to this EP is that Falcifer are a band who value moments rather highly. Now that might seem obvious, every heavy band need to make sure that there breakdowns and mosh flashes hit harder than the last. But there are times that it feels that what is being built around those moments are lacking. 

First cab off the rank ‘Hostile’ (appropriately titled once again) feels like a song that should’ve began at the 1:20 mark with the ominous guitars leading into the first of many crushing breakdowns. The second half of the track is far superior for me with a tasty groove to close things out.

Burning’ should’ve opened the EP if I’m being honest, the way the guitar leads into the track lends it more to an opening song and it’s also a better song than its predecessor. Exciting tempo changes, great song progression and a vocalist doesn’t overstay their welcome.

Any song that utilises the bass gets an automatic smiley face sticker of approval from me, I’m not hard to please really. ‘Impurity’ sounds like a band who are confident in what they are doing. My only complaint would be that the last 30 seconds doesn’t lead to anything. Legitimately one of the coolest moments of the whole release feels wasted.

Lead single and title track ‘Pain’ is probably the best cut on the EP which leads to the question is it a good idea to release your best track first to get people excited? Or is it a bad idea because it’s all downhill from there? These are the pointless things I think about. Infectious grooves and a strong vocal performance lead the charge with it all hitting a lovely punishing crescendo at the tail end.

Closing track ‘Demise’ is the most complete track but at the same time doesn’t really offer anything new. Not really sure what else I can say about the track that I haven’t said prior so here is a line that I said earlier copied and pasted. Exciting tempo changes, great song progression and a vocalist doesn’t overstay their welcome. Well that fit even better than I expected.

Is this EP going to be remembered in a years time? Probably not. Lyrics are generic, vocals aren’t particularly unique and honestly to reiterate what I said at the start of this review, nothing hear is very original. But despite all that I had a fun time listening to this EP for better and for worse. 

It’s tight, heavy and sure to get arms flailing around like those inflatable tube men from Family GuyFalcifer tick all the required boxes without even attempting to reinvent the wheel. Some will love it and some will hate it but Pain is a step in the right direction for the newest Greyscale Records signing.


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