Ghost Complex release ‘Eclipse’ and it’s pretty great

Ghost Complex sounds like either a terrible video game depicting how technology will take over the world one day, only for a calendar to show the game is set in the here and now (dun dun dunnnn). Or one of the terrible movies with Johnny Depp starring in it (most of his movies suck). But in this context, Ghost Complex are simply a badass metalcore band who have just released (you guessed it) a badass metalcore song.

Eclipse is a very common title however. Crossfaith/Northlane have songs called Eclipse. Twilight have a movie called Eclipse. My jump shot is high school was called “the eclipse” (would’ve made it if not for a dodgy knee). Realistically, if this song makes it into the top 10 things relating to an eclipse I will consider that a net positive. 

Opening up like a beautiful hybrid of Northlane and Void of Vision things get very good, very quickly. Electronics are used sparingly, impacting the song when necessary, bass tones are both thick and juicy with that money riff being something that ties everything together. Vocally Ghost Complex shine throughout and honestly, this is where I see the most potential in the band. Clean vocals that don’t make me want to head butt a raw potato is rare and a massive plus for me and my forehead.

Plenty of ideas are thrown around throughout Eclipse, and nearly all achieve the desired outcome. Even a fiddly guitar break made my upper lip quiver upon first listen which may be the best compliment I can give. I have been told that this is in fact a concept track. The concept being a deconstruction of the 2002 movie Snow Dogs and how it was snubbed for an Oscar. That alone is something we can all get behind (those statements may be fabricated). 

Ghost Complex have now hit 2 home runs in my eyes and that alone should get your attention as I’m a harsh critic. Last week I told mum her pasta sucked because “the vibe wasn’t right”. Keep an eye out for this band in 2021 and remember when Ghost Complex headline Stereosonic 2026, I was backing them in 2020 when they were a metalcore band. Assuming of course a dubstep side project is in the works. 

Listen Below

Below is me at Coachella 2018 wearing the same mask as pictured above. Coincidence?

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