HEISTS ‘Memorial’ (Track Review)

Sydney outfit Heists have been on my radar for quite some time now. 2018s Disquiet EP was one of my favourites releases of the year blending melody and brutality creating a perfect storm of sorts. Defeated was another strong release that kept momentum pushing forward for the band. But like a superhero in a DC movie, they soon disappeared from the world. I assume the band were participating in a training montage getting harder better faster stronger. Now they are back, and this time, it’s personal. 

Memorial sees Heists sounding more meticulous than ever. Within seconds you will be sent through a loop, within a few more you will fall in love with Memorial. Hearing the band opt for a melodic approach is welcome with the band putting more emphasis on song structure. Special mention to the infectious chorus that ties the song together beautifully, changing the optics and perhaps the perception of what Heists are capable of. 

Praise must go to how strong the vocal performance. Chris has perfect annunciation throughout, complimenting and at times, elevating the instrumentals. I love love love the lead guitar coming out of the chorus sounding like something peak Ocean Grove would produce. Beat changes are subtle, but add to how gosh darn epic Memorial’s closing chorus is.

Lyrically Memorial feels more important now than ever commenting on how often easy it can be to find yourself stuck in a never ending rut. Almost as if one is too scared to try and get out fearing what change might look like, “a hopeful man with a fragile spine”. With that said I could see others finding an even more personal connection with the track, maybe with past relationships.

Heists are simply one of the best bands in the Australian heavy music scene today. Hearing Heists take a different approach from the bands beatdown bread and butter has paid off significantly. Hopefully this will be tied to a bigger release and hopefully Heists begin to get the credit they truly deserve. 

Memorial out October 9

Until then, listen to Defeated below

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