INTERVIEW: Drastic Park talk Imposter Syndrome. Donald Trump & Conspiracy Theories

Making the best out of a bad situation is an important quality in the quarantine era. While many bands are holding off on releasing music, (diet) pop punk act Drastic Park are taking full advantage of peoples boredom. The bands latest EP Imposter Syndrome coupled with viral sensations Karen’s Song & Wake Me Up When Corona Ends prove the 3 piece are quite the savvy bunch.

The entire EP is self-produced. It was fully recorded from separate homes during lockdown, mostly with equipment already owned. Due to COVID-19 affecting incomes, the only money spent on the whole process was purchasing a set of drum microphones online, delivered to Joe’s door.

They also have a PHD in talking fucking nonsense which is why I enjoyed our chat so much. So sit back, crack open a crab juice, and enjoy the chat below.

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