INTERVIEW: Justice for the Damned talk Pain Is Power. Invasion Fest. And more.

In 10 years’ time when Justice for the Damned become the biggest band in the world we will look back at this chaotic year and see two events that propelled the band. Invasion Fest 2020, and Pain Is Power. No pressure boys. 

With 2 cuts from the album already released in ‘Guidance From The Pain’ and ‘The House You Built Is Burning’ (shorten those titles up) I am confident Justice are prepped and ready to takeover.

So while we wait with our palms sweaty, knees weak and arms heavy you can have a listen to the chat I had with Drummer Chas Levi from Justice for the Damned. Talking about everything from working with producer Will Putney to the roll out of Pain Is Power in such a strange time. We chat about the influence of Korn and the aforementioned Invasion Fest performance with good friends Knocked Loose

You can pre order the new album now to support the band which is more important now than ever.

Pain Is Power. May 8. Greyscale Records. Justice Forever.

Listen below 

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