John Floreani: “I’m Sitting on 50 songs” Knight & Day INTERVIEW

Trophy Eyes are at a fascinating point in their careers. Bordering on festival headliner status, the band have recently opted to drop singles Bittersweet & 27 Club while fans hope for a new album in 2022. With that said you’d think I’d ask if there actually is a new album coming right? Nah, instead I ask if Simpsons character Bleeding Gums Murphy played the saxophone on Figure Eight, I stand by the question 100%.

I will say a big shoutout to John for complimenting myself after the interview, that shits like crack cocaine to us. I say this as if my ego isn’t already as big as Novak Djokovic’ nose. With all that said, this interview is pretty good and you should listen to it right now or else (shakes fist). Full interview below.

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