Make Them Suffer ‘How To Survive A Funeral’ (Album Review)

From Neverbloom to Old Souls to Worlds Apart, Make Them Suffer have done what most bands can only dream of. Progressing and maturing there sound with each release adding an extra layer with every album. With that said zero bands can hit a home run with every single release. Somehow, someway and somewhere along the road, bands slip up. So let’s see what one of Australia’s premiere bands can achieve on album number 4.

Like Sylvester Stallone on the Black Pearl How To Survive A Funeral gets off to a rocky start with Step One. Nothing about the song is offensively bad by any means, but the song lacks purpose. Opening with a 2010s era guitar feel that sounds like it could’ve come off Bring Me The HorizonsThere is a Hell‘. The song erupts into some riffy goodness before it abruptly ends. Fortunately this isn’t a 30-second piece of useless synth like many bands in the scene go for, but it’s not far off.

What the song transitions into however is one of my favourite MTS songs period. Falling Ashes unleashes with pummelling blast beats and guitar work reminiscent of an air raid siren. Rather fitting considering the chaos within the track. Vintage Make Them Suffer ensues combing beauty and brutality with an atmosphere like no other band in the scene.

Keeping things high energy Bones is a mixed bag overall. The opening riff feels a touch uninspired compared to many others on the album. What stands out on this cut is that disgustingly infectious chorus my god. Sean Harmasis is easily one of the top vocalists in heavy music and with every release he gets better. Booka’s Sweeping keys towards the back end leads us to a huge gang vocal bonanza to close out Bones. Stylistically I love the changes throughout this cut.

All 3 pre-released singles are next up which is an odd choice for me. Not to say that it ruined the pacing of the album but it did make me subconsciously split the album up into three parts. Drown With Me produces a mesmerizing chorus from Booka Nile, just proving how fucking good she is and how much depth she adds to the band.

Erase Me is a clear standout on the album with every member of the band bringing their a-game for this one. Yet another money chorus from Booka with some clear inspiration from Alicia Keys for that hook. Putting everyone in an empire state of mind. Much like Bones, Erase Me closes with one of the more anthemic moments I’ve heard all year regardless of genre.

For the longest time I thought the opening line to Soul Decay was ‘Suffocate’ for some reason. I am also a guy who thought The Number Of The Beast’s chorus was ‘sex, safe sex’ instead of ‘666’. Soul Decay is a straight up banger my god I love this song. Big riffs, big chorus and a song that doesn’t try to do too much.

Fake Your Own Death is this albums version of Fake and I am all for it. Fuck me running the instrumentation is god tier from everyone, just pure chaos. Special mention goes to the money riff at the halfway point and the closing moments of this cut as heavy as anything the band have produced. Spineless.

There was a time when the title track of an album was always hot garbage. On this occasion it might be the best song on the record. How To Survive A Funeral is a case of absolutely no wasted movement. Everything this song does feels like it is contributing to the bigger picture. Both vocalists come together to create a special moment with the closing keys adding scope to an already massive song. A simply manic song.

While to this point How To Survive A Funeral adds minor ingredients to there tasty recipe The Attendant could be a glimpse into the future for the band. The slow and methodical pacing with Sean sounding so confident with his clean vocals, this song is much needed within the context of the album. Bass driven with the vocals combining in the chorus for a truly epic moment. With the song doing a Metallica like fadeout I am surprised the band didn’t choose to close out with the song.

But ooooooooooh baby do I love the way this album closes. Good god almighty That’s Just Life is so fucking tough I grew muscles just listening to it. Definitely a song that will please the old school fans. A weird comparison I am feeling on this track is some old school Muse which I think is a compliment. I think there is no better moment on the album than when the second chorus hits, I found myself audibly gasping at how fucking good it sounded.

In the midst of the quarantine era very few things are certain. Even the release date of this album was moved more than once. But I am here to tell you with a gratifying smile on my face that Make Them Suffer have delivered once again. Every chorus is bigger, every heavy moment feels earned, Make Them Suffer are just that damn good.


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