Polaris Drop Lucid [Live @ UNIFY 2020]

Back in a time long long ago humans experienced the therapeutic art known as the live concert. We were free to bang our heads, run around in circles, and yell nonsense at the top of our lungs. Don’t believe me? Well, Polaris are here to provide us with some riffy goodness from UNIFY 2020.

I honestly couldn’t think of a better song to help us all through quarantine as Lucid is the definition of bop. Hell, because I’m bored I’ll take you back to my experience during the song. Freezing my nips off due to all my clothes being soaked in Friday’s hurricane. A man approached me and offered his jacket for the remainder of the bands set. Now, as much as I was grateful for the gesture, Lucid was the bands last song, so my nips would be once again frozen moments later.

I hugged the man as I gave the jacket back and whispered in his ear ‘take me with you’. He laughed…….I wasn’t joking, and I never saw that man again. The song was great as well but you already knew that. Like imagine clicking on this article wondering what someone else thought of the bands live performance. They fucking rule, we all know this, now watch the damn video and pack some extra clothes for UNIFY 2021.

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