Spotlight: Eat Your Heart Out

Photo by Brandon Lung

Pop punk in the modern day and age has nowhere near the same relevance it did 15 years ago. But I tell you what, there are some great bands coming to the party to make it great again. After three and a half shandys on a rainy night during the week I was pitted with the task of picking my new spotlight band. I threw my Spotify onto shuffle and the first song that played was Carousel by Eat Your Heart Out.

It made my task pretty easy as I love the song and thought they’d be the perfect band to talk about this week. 2019 was a big year for the 5 piece pop-punk band out of Newcastle. They debuted their album Fluorescence and played all over Australia supporting Luca BrasiTrophy Eyes and Senses Fail. Topping that all off were shows at both Download Festival and a great set at Unify in early 2020.

They combined tremendous live energy with their quality song writing to continue to grow their fan base and show us why their future is bright. Fluorescence impressed me when I first listened to it. Spinning and Heavy With Envy were the two standout tracks.

The best part about the album was that the band isn’t going to be pigeonholed into one genre. There were Grunge and heavier sections on Closer To The Sun which  reminded me of Nirvana particularly on guitars. The diversity on that song alone really excites me in what the band can do.

Signed to Fearless Records and really promoting positive vibes in tone with their song and lyrical writing Eat Your Heart Out are going to be a big factor in our scene over the coming years. They’re one of the hardest working bands in Australia and having already toured the states. I can only see bigger things happening for them. When you listen to this album you can see why they’re making a name for themselves. Check out Carousel and get behind them.

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