The Ghost Inside release ‘Aftermath’ Announce New Album

Just wow. California Hardcore outfit The Ghost Inside have released their first piece of music since Dear Youth in 2014. The song titled Aftermath is set to be on the new self-titled album out June 5. Statement below.

At long last we want to share the first single from our next album. This song is called Aftermath. It is a tribute to the community that supported us, stood by us, and raised us from the ashes. This album is called The Ghost Inside. It is proof positive that the strong survive and the beat does go on.

Aftermath combines elements that made The Ghost Inside such a well respected band to create one of the most emotional songs you will ever here. Maybe it’s the quarantine talking but watching the music video brought me to literal tears towards the back end of the song. As vocalist Jonathan Vigil screams “the beat goes on” it is impossible not to get swept up in it all.

June 5 will mark the bands 5th studio album and will be co-produced with long time friend Jeremy McKinnon from A Day To Remember

Triumph over Tragedy. The Ghost Inside Forever.

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