The Mount Rushmore of Metalcore Vocalists

I always love the ‘Mount Rushmore’ debates. Mainly because I have no idea who the actual people on Mount Rushmore are. I assume Kanye West is all of them. Listen to this weeks episode and get a staggering amount of banter.

Run Sheet

5:05 Victory Over WWE

14:20 Guess That Blegh

17:45 Chipmunk Vocal Cover

21:30 Kanye West/Polaris Mash Up

28:25 Mount Rushmore of metalcore vocalists

37:45 Music Quiz

43:30 Alpha Wolf – Creep

48:30 Pot Shots

58:20 360 News

70:00 Acapella Freestyle

72:35 Family Feud

80:30 Anticline – In The Open

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