Top 10 Bring Me The Horizon Songs

After my Top 10 Parkway Drive songs received universal praise I thought, which fanbase will I needlessly share my opinion with next. The answer of course is the band that I rave about weekly on my podcast (cheap plug) Bring Me the Horizon. I compared Parkway Drive to Metallica a few months ago, but Parkway have never played with an orchestra now have they. Thus Bring Me the Horizon are the new Metallica, stay tuned for next week as I crown Emmure the new Metallica.

Bring Me the Horizon at this point are trend setters, icons, every word you would use to describe Derek Zoolander, use for this band. So after 6 albums I think there’s enough of a sample size to pick the top 10 songs from the Sheffield natives. Of course this is my opinion blah blah blah who cares let’s get into it.

10. Happy Song 

Being an avid fan of both Marilyn Manson and the Bring It On movie franchise, this songs intro truly hits different. The first OFFICIAL offering from 2015s That’s The Spirit, expectations were at an all time high. Luckily when you have riffs the size of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnsons biceps, things usually work out for the best. Happy Songs ability to weave in and out of calm and chaos so frequently take this cut to another level. The definition of an all killer no filler song with a beautiful chorus being a standout moment for the band. Everything culminates with a big ole breakdown to send the kids home with a souvenir (black eye). That’s the spirit I guess. 

9. Alligator Blood

My 2 favourite songs with gambling references are Alligator Blood & Poker Face by Lady Gaga. Obviously Gaga is queen and takes the number 1 spot, but that doesn’t stop Alligator Blood from going disgustingly hard. Holy Jesus there are so many riffs that make me want punch my next door neighbour’s cat (sorry Patches). Not to mention that for a song this heavy, Oli’s annunciation is on point. This is one of those songs where the band through everything at all a wall and it all stuck. So now we have a song that’s so batshit insane it’s considered a crime to play aloud in public. 

8. sugar honey ice & tea

Shout out to my dip shit friend who after 3 weeks of Amo being out, came up to me to mention that the term sugar honey ice & tea actually means shit. I have since disconnected with that person as I’m afraid I’ll catch a case of the stupids by hanging around him. Amo is an album that gets wayyy too much hate for my liking. Yeah we all know Mother Tongue sucks but there’s a ton to like off this release. The best for me is this underrated gem that is so damn catchy it makes we want to throw up. I love the bouncy drums through and the cheeky solo towards the end is a welcome change up in the BMTH formula.

7. Diamonds Aren’t Forever

Suicide Season is a hot mess of an album. A polarising release that divided opinion as to whether or not this was the best or the worst thing since different variations of bread. It doesn’t really matter however because it’s a hell of a lot of fun if you’re in the right mood.We will never sleep cause sleep is for the weak, No we will never rest till we’re all fucking dead’ was iconic in 2008, and is iconic in 2020. While some of the OG fans who long for the heavy days to return sure do piss me off. Sometimes for a fleeting moment while listening to this song, I agree with those stubborn pricks. Oh yeah and dat breakdown is as tasty as a well-made fruit salad (yummy yummy).

6. Empire (Let Them Sing)

Certain songs off Sempiternal that I once loved now mean nothing to me because of there overexposure. Hearing every human within a 34 mile radius blast Sleepwalking got on my titties real fast. Empire however benefits from simply flying under the radar thus consistently being memorable. The fact that Empire was not a major single shows the strength and depth of Sempiternal as an album. Give this song to any other band around at the time and this is a lead single and a certified cult classic among fans. The intro is pulsating, the breakdown is unique and it’s a song that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Also hearing children scream ‘let us in‘ is so unintentionally funny I nearly burst a blood vessel upon first listen. Reminds me of when i used to lock my brother outside my house in the middle of the night. Good times.

5. Visions 

This song is co-produced by Skrillex for fucks sake. Imagine being in the studio and Sonny Moore mentioning this electronic side project to the band. They nod pretending like they care only for this bastard to take over my teenage youth for the next 3 years. Visions is what I call the ‘forgotten single’. On an album that had songs like It Never Ends and Blessed With A Curse, Visions is often overlooked. But that doesn’t stop the song from being one of the bands best. I love every section of this song but it’s the way it all flows together that puts it over the edge for me. If the closing breakdown was a dubstep drop this would be number 1 but for now we settle for number 5.

4. Drown

This song simply changed everything. Following up Sempiternal seemed like an impossible task with many considering it the bands crowning achievement. Drown took that crowning achievement and shoved it straight up your candy ass. 90% of bands in BMTHs position would’ve come out and released Sempiternal Part 2 (2 Fast 2 Nowhere), but dats why 90% of bands suck. Purely from a song writing perspective Drown is insanely hard to top. Opting for a less is more approach Drowns structure is what sets the song apart from the rest. Some say if you sing the chorus loud enough that a lyric tattoo will appear on your forearm. Or at least that’s what it looks like cos every 15 year old with parental issues has those damn lyrics on them. Oh well, song rules, love every second of it, the rest is history.

3. Shadow Moses

One of those songs that made the entire heavy music scene stop and pay attention. Just like the moon landing you remember what you doing when this song was released (beating my brother at uno). With this song Bring Me the Horizon levelled up like a fucking Pokémon. I still have nightmares of people screaming ‘This is Sempiternal’ at me while they chase me around in the snow holding a flare. Seriously though, people would literally bring flares to live shows just so they could pull them out during this song and imitate the music video. If that’s not iconic I don’t know what is. We all know why this song rules, we’ve all heard it 4352 times each. Just put it on now and try not to break your neck.

2. Crucify Me 

Listening to Crucify Me is like watching your favourite movie of all time. You know exactly what is about to happen, but you are still left completely floored every single time. It’s a song that you have to plan a week in advance to listen to, and you need to smoke a cigarette upon conclusion. From the chopped up vocals that sound like peak Kanye West, to the best breakdown in the bands history, Crucify Me is a ride. So many quotable moments, so many iconic sections that still hit home to this day. This song manages to go from light to dark without skipping a beat and without listener even realising.

1. Doomed

Bring Me The Horizons most compelling experience. A song that sounds so alien to anything the band have done in their entire catalogue, but still feels like it belongs. Doomed is as perfect as it is ambitious. Once again we see BMTH opening an album with a statement on an album that attempts to make many. Jordan Fish’s composition is meticulous with the dark undertones climaxing with the bands most impactful chorus ever. Oli gives off his most convincing vocal performance with his range being put to the test throughout. This song doesn’t rely on breakdowns or crushing riffs, it doesn’t need to. Doomed is a masterclass in song writing, Doomed is Bring Me The Horizon at their apex.  

Listen Below for my honourable mentions.

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