Top 10 EPs of 2020

10. Wake The Blind ‘Broken Casket’ 

Jumping onto our radars in 2020, Wake The Blind have come through with a fantastic debut EP in Broken Casket. Now, they may of lost a few points for their Bulls On Parade cover… but they did more than enough to earn their place on this list. Wake The Blind are part of the nu heavy wave of bands hitting the scene, showcasing a specific style that will wow audiences in 2021. Unfortunately 2020 has ended with Wake The Blind joining an ever growing list of bands with beef against Backbone. As the great B.B King stated, Let the good times role. 

9. Earthbound ‘Evergreen’

An excellent release backed up by impeccable artwork completes an impressive Earthbound package. The guitar work on Evergreen is as good as any big band going around our scene in 2020. Eden, Constellations, Thrive and Evergreen are all similar at times but bring enough variety to keep you on your toes. Epic choruses are a constant within the 4 tracks, reminding me of bands like In Hearts Wake at their best and even Polaris in moments. Earthbound will be moving more than ground in 2021, keep an ear out.

8. Bad Juju ‘You’re Not Alone’ 

I love this band. I don’t know what it is about them, but they just tick so many boxes for me. Lyrically, Bad Juju have a knack for putting you right into the middle of a song, feeling like the band are talking directly to you. Disappoint was in my top 20 songs of 2020, combine that with a consistent track list and Bad Juju have produced a memorable EP. Definitely a release that I’ve slept on in 2020 that deserves a listen from all of you. 

7. Lune ‘Ghost’

Lune are a very exciting band. To best sum it up I don’t think there is a bad song on the whole EP with Mirror Image being my favourite track. The groove on that song absolutely kills me. Ghost is busy from the get go and the band clearly have a knack for hitting riff city with relentless intentions. I can see them supporting bands like Gravemind and Alpha Wolf on tours in the coming years so there is definitely a place in our scene for a band like Lune

6. Outloved ‘Be There For Me’ 

Who else agrees that 10 seconds in a circle pit at any level feels like your heart is about to bulge through your chest as your start considering an early retirement at the age of 25? I’m excited to see where Outloved go as a band. Blind and Falling and Hurt Me are absolute monster jams on any scale and along with Dying To Leave and Loveless round out one of the best EPs from any band in 2020. One of the finds of the year. 

5. Dweller ‘White Rabbit’

The highest placing of the new bands and well deserved from Dweller. In my initial review I chucked in a While She Sleeps comparison along with bands like Polaris and early Of Mice and Men, so if they appeal to you, then go and listen to White Rabbit immediately. Oh and just saying, the first 3 tracks on here slap harder then that giant hand that slapped Bam Margera in Jackass 3D

4. Pressure Cracks ‘This Is Called Survival’ 

Music is strange. Sometimes it takes going back to something to appreciate how good it actually is. It almost sounds poetic when you put it like that. Onto Jason Aalon Butler, the man is a king. He’s entrenched his name into the scene once again and we need his presence more than ever moving forward. Pressure Cracks have absolutely smashed this release. Four great tracks full of relentless madness and eargasms for your listening pleasure. 

3. Anticline ‘Urgency’

What a cracking EP name for a cracking band. Nothing sums up a band or title better than Urgency, which is the epitome of Anticline. ‘Make Breakdowns Great Again’ should be put onto a t-shirt by the band immediately, actually, maybe not now that I think about it. There are four stand out tracks on Urgency with Headspinning Bias, Paroxysm, In The Open and Pitch Black all guaranteed to have you swinging limbs. Anticline are simply that damn good.

2. The Gloom In The Corner ‘Ultima Pluvia’

The only thing that stopped this winning was the fact I’m a selfish bastard and wanted more then 3 tracks. Add that to the jealousy of my new Baldilocks nickname taking off for singer Mikey, and that contractually obliges the band from ever being any higher than 2 on any future Backbone list. Are we still beefing? Cause this arc has ended and you guys need new content….

1. Bloom ‘In Passing’

To see a band truly realise their full potential is really satisfying to watch. In Passing is a tale of loss, painting a picture that many of us have felt or dealt with during the process of losing someone close to us. I still get teary at moments listening to moments of Daylight and The Service both of which deserve their high placings in the Backbone 100. Much deserved winner in a tumultuous year. Bring back the Greyscale Showcase in 2021.

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