Top 10 Parkway Drive Songs

Well this is going to piss people off. The problem with doing a top 10 list with a band like Parkway Drive is they simply have too many bangers. Fitting 30 songs into 10 is a challenge and everyone will have a different list from me. But everyone is wrong. My list is correct.

For those who don’t know, Parkway Drive are Australia’s version of Metallica. The barriers that the band have broken down for everyone is unmatched and for that alone they deserve your respect. Actually when you put Parkway Drive and Metallica side by side the two bands have had similar careers. Horizons is Parkways Master of Puppets, Ire is Parkways Black Album. Some hate the transition in sound Parkway Drive have made but the band essentially clocked metalcore after 3 albums so a change was much needed.

Firstly some housekeeping. nothing from Killing With A Smile will be on this list. I know this blasphemy will rub a lot of people the wrong way but lord that album has aged poorly. Also the garbage production makes the album borderline unlistenable. Maybe it’s an album you had to live through to truly grasp its greatness, but for me who became a fan in 2011, I cannot give it a place on this list. Secondly there will be no Carrion. I would argue that Carrion is the most overplayed song in metalcore history and Parkway Drive simply have better songs. Feel free to tell me how wrong I am. 

10. The Siren’s Song (Horizons)

For legal reasons I have been strongly advised to start things off with an old school cut to appease the fanbase, so here we go. Being the opening song off any album is a tough ask, let alone being the opening song off an album as beloved as Horizons (Begin doesn’t count). Destination riff city for the love of god the guitar work on this track is pretty damn impressive. I must admit some older PWD songs can get a little self indulgent but The Siren’s Song finds the perfect blend of brutality and beauty. 

9. Vice Grip (Ire)

Parkway Drive’s ‘Enter Sandman’. In 2015 Parkway Drive were in strange position. They had broken through ever glass ceiling imaginable but in doing so there metalcore sound was growing stale. While Atlas is the bands weakest offering the album sparked the change that was Ire.

This track single handedly propelled the band to headliner status anywhere in the world. It also was a song that marked a new era for Parkway Drive which divided opinions across there fanbase. Many see this as the band ‘selling out’ but for me this is a band evolving. Infectious leads and a chorus that has thousands upon thousands at every live show screaming their lungs out, the gamble has certainly paid off.

8. Absolute Power (Reverence)

I am convinced that Parkway Drive went 4 albums before learning what a bass guitar was. Either that or Pie took 4 albums to learn how to play the bass. Harnessing their inner Rage Against the Machine Absolute Power is a prime example of how sometimes less is more. Not overly complicated just great song writing that builds to an Avengers like climax. The final minute of the track is as heavy as anything the band have ever released. 

7. Dedicated (Ire)

I would argue this is the best song off Ire. Upon listening to the album for the first time Dedicated always stuck with me. It felt like the perfect bridge between Parkway Drive’s old sound and their new direction. Still heavy as fuck but relatively simple in terms of song structure Dedicated hits a very sweet spot. It doesn’t hurt that when performed live the track goes to another level. Pyro starts up and I lose my mind every single time. Also the song contains one of the bigger Parkway Drive breakdowns which is saying something. Production amplifies everything and makes each moment feel bigger than the last. Unbreakable.

6. Dark Days (Atlas)

Lead single to Parkway Drive’s weakest album Dark Days certainly gave the impression that the band were about to release another classic. The opening bell tolls are the calm before an ungodly storm, what proceeds is relentless. Dark Days does so much in so little time even containing a ‘BLEGH’ from Winston which shows even the best can succumb to a trend or 2. Unfortunately the song does not get performed live very much these days which is a shame considering the initial reception the track received. Dark Days also contains the mother of all breakdowns. Behold the pale horse.

5. Idols and Anchors (Horizons)

Vintage Parkway Drive. Ask any fan of the band to name their 10 favourite songs and I guarantee this song will appear. It simply contains everything that makes the band so damn good. Frenetic riffs, anthemic guitar leads, it’s mosh central stopping all stations. Constantly changing constantly moving forward with the addicting guitar lead being the constant that brings it all together. 

4. Swing (Atlas)

Channelling there inner Lamb of God Swing is an underrated cut that certainly doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. As fast and frenetic as they come Swing packs so much energy into its runtime it can be hard to keep up. Containing another BLEGH in this Atlas cut the whole song contains arguably my favourite section in any Parkway Drive song. From the 2:00 mark I dare you not to beat up your nearest sibling, maybe don’t do that actually. Seriously though, I have never heard a moment like this from Parkway Drive, hopefully we get another in the future. 

3. Boneyards (Horizons)

So good that Call of Duty Warzone named a location on their map after the song (trust me). Sheer metalcore madness. Horizons is considered by many as Parkway Drive’s greatest achievement and this song is one of the reasons why. How does one describe a song that’s so iconic amongst a fanbase? When moshing finally gets put into the Olympics they will use Boneyards to judge who wins the gold medal (my bets on Russia). I get sweaty just listening to this song between the circles pits, two stepping and beating up my brother (fuck you Derek). 

2. Prey (Reverence)

The greatest modern day Parkway Drive song. Everything in Prey is calculated, there is no wasted motion in this stadium anthem and this could be the best written PWD song ever. The opening riff makes you want to watch every Pirates of the Caribbean movie at the same time. By far the bands greatest chorus Prey takes some 80’s hard rock tendencies to create the most memorable track off the bands most recent album. When people complain about the bands new direction Prey stands tall as a true Parkway Drive classic regardless of what era you are a fan of.

1. Deliver Me (Deep Blue)

Make no mistake, Deliver Me is the perfect Parkway Drive song. From the opening battle cry onwards this Deep Blue cut takes you on a journey that you never want to end. Combining every single faced that makes Parkway Drive such an incredible band as well as a new trick or two. Watching the song get performed live gives a whole new perceptive on the track with fans around the world moshing in unison. It’s a wonder why the band do not play the track live anymore but I digress. Machine gun double kicks giving the track a much more bouncy vibe the guitar leads throughout are some of the best the band have ever produced. The way the band brings back the opening section towards the end of the track is goosebump inducing. I love the song. I love Parkway Drive.

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    Romance is Dead didn’t even make the list. Fuck you Frowny. I take back all the nice things I’ve said about you.

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