Top 5 Worst Songs of 2020

Music is subjective blah blah blah these are jokes blah blah blah it’s ok if you like these songs.

5. Green Day ‘Oh Yeah!’

It has now been six albums since Green Day put out anything remotely listenable. I could’ve picked any song from this abomination of an album, but Oh Yeah is the most offensive. This is essentially a re-work of that Foster The People song about the school shooting, I could say something very edgy, but I won’t for legal reasons. Green Days most notable moment of the past 15 years was yelling at Justin Bieber in the infamous 1 more minute fiasco, Justin Bieber > Green Day.

4. The Amity Affliction ‘Aloneliness’

In a year that saw The Amity Affliction release an album, the most memorable thing anyone in the band did was a failed Cameo appearance from Joel Birch #waymorebetter. $40 for a one take Cameo with audio cutting in and out throughout, that’s nearly as much of a ripoff as your music Joel. The ‘Smoke Em If You Got Em‘ track could’ve also made this list, but at least that reminds me of a good song.

3. Six Feet Under ‘Zodiac’

You know a song is bad when the YouTube comments are disabled. The vocals sounds like when that old guy on Americas Got Talent sang Let The Bodies Hit The Floor by Drowning Pool. Actually that’s kind of mean to the old guy, this is wayyyy worse. How many people gave this song the all clear to be released? Imagine the listening party for this holy shit, just a bunch of people trying not to burst out laughing.

2. A Day to Remember ‘Brick Wall’

Remember that movie Split with James McAvoy? Basically some dude has 24 different personalities and kidnaps a couple of girls, he might kill one of the girls, idk I can’t remember. Anyway, this song sounds like it was written by the same guy because fuck me on a boat this song is a mess. A Day to Remember have pushed back their upcoming album more than once at this point, maybe just don’t release it.

1. Corey Taylor ‘CMFT Must Be Stopped’

Corey Taylor, please stop.

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