Watch Code Orange Perform At NXT Takeover In Your House

Throughout the 2000s the soundtrack to the WWE was pretty awesome. Bands like Metallica and Limp Bizkit would accompany the events consistently delivering the goods and in many respects shaping my musical taste. Somewhere along the line however the adrenaline pumping songs were replaced with pop songs to appeal to a mainstream audience. Those who are craving the raw energy of the attitude era however can look no further than NXT.

NXT has provided us with a host of banging theme songs from bands ranging from Beartooth to Bring me the Horizon to Poppy. Some of these bands have had the opportunity to perform live at the PPVs themselves including Cane Hill who performed in their home town of New Orleans.

Well, at NXT Takeover In Your House, Code Orange opened the show to perform the title track from the bands latest critically acclaimed album, Underneath. Kudos to the band and kudos to WWE for giving these bands a platform to expand.

Watch the performance below.

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