Weekly Breakdown Volume 3

Dear diary, living in isolation is beginning to mess with my state of mind. Life before the virus seems like such a wonderful place. Even with all this free time I still can’t win a game of Call of Duty Warzone. No live music and no sport make Frowny something something (insert Simpsons meme).

Justice for the Damned ‘The House You Built Is Burning’

Pain is Power. May 8. Be Ready.

Heavy boys making heavy noise and Justice for the Damned appear to be weeks away from taking over the world. I don’t care if you live with your parents, girlfriend, roommates or a dog, when this breakdown hits, they will be crowd killed. Christ on a bike from the 30 second mark this is just silly.

RedHook ‘Dead Walk’

Well this sucks. The new track from RedHook harnesses every horrible quality from Falling in ReverseFashionably Late album. Obnoxious synths piss me off at the best of times and for the love of god can bands stop trying to get me clap in sync during a song. It’s a cheap and lazy way to try and shoehorn a crowd participation moment into what I assume is a lacklustre live performance. 

Stand Atlantic ‘Drink To Drown’

New cut from Stand Atlantic has all the makings of a mid 2000s Simple Plan track. Piano driven with an exceptional vocal performance which is needed when you attempt a stripped back song like this. Selfishly I enjoy the bands rocky cuts but if you’re going to change the formula this is the best approach the band could’ve gone for. 

Inertia ‘Reminisce’

Finishing off the week with a lovely song blending two voices together to create quite a unique piece of music. A slow burn track that rewards the listener throughout giving all you heavy goblins your fix in the back end of the track. Part of me was hesitant when I was sent the song. Duelling vocals can be a touch to cliché for my taste but here I am. Lizi Blanco gives a stellar performance and now I’m hooked.

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