Weekly Breakdown Volume 7

My vinyl collection is growing once again. I used to always say that collecting vinyl was as expensive as a heroin addiction. But with free shipping from Resist Records shop it makes things that little bit easier. I hope drug dealers are offering up similar deals during quarantine. This week we have been served a healthy dose of Australian heavy music. Sit back, relax, and let the soothing screams help you through quarantine.

Track of the Week

Justice for the Damned ‘Pain Is Power’

Goodness gracious me Justice for the Damned are in a rich vein of form. The title track off there upcoming album opens with something reminiscent of a classic Thy Art is Murder cut before it unleashes all out warfare. Listening to this track is like getting repeatably punched in the face, but in a good way, kind of like in the video. Possibly the bands most well written track to date the new album cannot come quick enough. June 12. Pain is Power.

Lune ‘Mirror Image’

Lune have a tremendous amount going in their favour. The band are carving out their own unique sound amidst a lot of so so metalcore. Riff after riff with each section sounding better than the last Mirror Image is simply awesome. The bands debut EP Ghost is out June 12 and I’m confident the band will produce something memorable. The closing moments of this track show the sheer scope this band can achieve. Keep an ear out. You will be hearing a lot from this band sooner rather than later.

Vatic ‘Departure’

I’ve been following Vatic since day one and boy howdy have I enjoyed every second of it so far. Departure continues the trend of non stop bangers but with a different approach. A beautiful chorus is the standout of this new track breathing life and energy through the entire runtime. Pulsating sections of grit balance everything out making this a worthy follow up to their 2019 EP Inhibition.

Tapestry ‘Never Felt the Same’

Tapestry have a fun story. Originally from the Northern Territory they made the move down to Victoria last year to pursue something bigger. That sounded more fun in my head. Seriously though imagine it in a sporting context. Victoria acquire a top tier player and NT get nothing in return. Maybe we should send one of our many dime a dozen metalcore bands to even things up a bit. Oh yeah the song. I quite enjoy this new cut from Tapestry with soaring vocals and ambient guitars. Once gigs are back I am keen to see the band perform live once again.

The Motion Below ‘Truth Hurts’

Yo shout out Martin Wood Imagery killing the game with another fantastic video. The Motion Below are back to finish what they started with Truth Hurts. Part two of their mini music series that encapsulates the inner turmoil of a man lost within himself and ultimate descent into madness. Truth Hurts borrows influences from bands like Polaris and Issues with this the track and the results are mostly positive. The occasional iffy moment aside there’s a lot to appreciate on Truth Hurts, hopefully the band can build off this in the future.

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